Friday, March 19, 2010

Yup... RVin' Biker or Not... It's Still Winter in Colorado

Heidi and I went on our "Virgin" Two up ride on the Raider yesterday morning... This pic is actually, just as we got back.

We rode up the "Back road", Hwy 85 to Cheyenne for a late breakfast at the Egg & I, downtown.

As is usual, the wind was blowin' on the High Plains, so we had a 20mph or so, headwind to go through on the way up... all that Yamaha Raider could say was; "Wind? What wind?"... :o) That machine is an awesome Motorcycle!

The only problem was once we got back... Heidi slid up and sat in the drivers seat for a minute... "Oh Sure! YOU have a seat that's a WHOLE LOT MORE COMFORTABLE!... a WHOLE lot!"

First time Heidi ever sat "back seat" for 75 miles or so... claims her butt hurt! :o) ... so... I guess the New motorcycle touring seat I figured we'd need is a purty sure thing. :o) ... along with a back rest...

Otherwise, that Yamaha Motorcycle was a Sweet Ride!

Now... Today...

I don't believe the Bikes are gonna see much use... I think that cover will stay on the Raider!

Not that I'll complain... I have a whole lot of writing and maintenance chores that need writing and maintaining!... and still have to get by Lowes to pick up those blinds... and none of that'll get done if I sit here yakkin'... so I better get to it...

... so we'll be ready once spring finally breaks and we can get rollin' on Freedom Road... with Two Wheels... or Ten! :o)

Take Good Care

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Box Canyon Blogger said...

Your snow forecast welcomed us home from sunny and warm Moab...
Now we have near 20 inches and its still coming down hard!
Spring in the Rockies I guess :)

Anonymous said...

About two months ago I posted a comment concerning the Forest Service wanting to eliminate the 50% discount for Golden Age passport holders. . . . Well, there is GOOD NEWS. They decided to trash this idea and keep it as is.

Here's a link to the news release: