Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hooray! The Forest Service Did it RIGHT!

Remember a reader of this site alerted us, a couple months ago, that the Forest Service was tinkering with the idea of gutting the Passes to Forest Svc. camps and such, operated under contract by private business?

Well, they apparently read the 'writing on the wall'... and nixed the idea... Thanks to the same visitor to this site who kept up on it, to alert us to the outcome! You can read the whole story, from the "Horses Mouth" right Here

Cold as a Yukon Kitties whiskers, on the Colorado Plains last night... 10 degrees when we Didn't climb out of bed this morning! Time drags when you're still preparing to roll... But... if I (We) don't do things right and careful... our Escape will be a short one!

 Hard to sit here though... when Mark goes and keeps lettin' me know that... somewhere... it's warm! :o)

Heidi and I have decided that we WON'T winter in Colorado... NEXT year! :o) ... so we have work yet to do, to make sure and certain that what we want to be our future... actually becomes our past... after we get to enjoy ridin' through the TODAY of it! :o) ... and it's trying to be patient to get that work done... while I'm hungering for the TODAY of it to show up, that is my most difficult work!

A few things to get done on the rig yet... much of it waiting on good enough weather so I can work outside on it... a few things to get organized at the store... and budget 'stuff' to work out, making up for the great migration of dollars from our pockets to... Somebody else's! ...with the real estate market of the past few years...

All said and done though, the way things are working out, I can't say I'd change much... except... maybe, Boss?... if you could make me juuuuust a lil' quicker learner?

Gotta hang the new cellular blinds in the Bedroom today... work on the design for a new cargo box I have planned... do some hunting for a "Hump Back" loading ramp for the bike(s)... get some propane... line out wiring for a pocket inverter at the desk location... finish running the TV wires (That 'hallway' location above the steps is working out well)...

and, likely haul a "Blueboy" full to dump in our "Hosts" septic...

We went to get a Macerator pump on Thursday... and guess what?... Yup... out of stock!... but, they had one down in Colorado Springs... which I'm hopin' will get here before the end of the week... and That piece of equipment, which I've been wanting to add for quite a while, should save my Ol' Kiester a lot of hassles... and "Blueboy" trips!

As always... none of this'll get done, 'less I get enough coffee swallered, to get my carcass movin' fast enough to keep some wise donkey from drawin' chalk lines around me!

So... I'm headin' for the coffee pot...

Take Good Care

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"his-self" said...

Great news about the "old folks" discount! I really thought that in this economy it was doomed. Maybe there still are some sane people in D.C.?

I haven't commented in a while but your turn of life events has made me happy. Find the sun. Smell the mountain air. Live it!

Brian said...

Thanks "his-self"! :o)

Old folks discount... and Disabled Vet fellers too! :o)

I guess the Boss just needed to get his point across... The contrast twixt -this- year... and Last... is as stark as a fella could ask for...

Findin' the Sun, Sniffin' the wind... and LIVIN'! is what I have in mind for us... for sure and for certain.

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Sorry about going somewhere warm and not inviting you and Heidi along. It would have been a little too crowded in our motel room :)
take me with you next winter!