Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally! I got some more of the RV Remodel pages written!

Been back to tap tap tappin' the past couple days and I've managed to whittle out a page about Installing our Allure Vinyl flooring, and, the installation of our Bali window blinds.

Whew! I've got my wind up now! I've got stuff to write 'bout motorcycles... surprised huh? :o) and gear related to them... I've got a story building about the overhaul of our 'cargo' carrying/motorcycle carrying 'method'... hopefully some stories about upcoming... PLEASE! ... circles... and I'll be doing work to get that new-to-us-truck in shape for RV Boondocking...

Lots of work to be done... but this is all stuff that takes us forward... we're no longer just workin' to keep our noses out of the water... Aw, it's just fine to be able to get back to what I enjoy doin'...

Now I just have to get through the impatience of the next couple months of winter, and finishing up our "Rebuild"... but... with the weather warmin' up... slowly... but it's happening... I can get out on that awesome 'New' Raider and refresh that silly grin on my face once in a while, when  Stuff gets too burdensome...

... like the destruction of the American Medical System by the great, proven?...  and skillful, management... of Politicians...

But Folks... I promise... I Won't say... "I told you so!" ... right... I'd never do that... uh uh... But... how have they managed the Soc. Sec. system? THEIR budget?... Medicaid?... Uh.. is there anything they've done well? or even competently?... other than feathering their own nests at everyone Else's expense? Have they truly shown loyalty to anyone but themselves? and the wealthy forces that own 'em?

 My suggestion? Take care of yourselves. Arrange your affairs to stay out from under the falling timbers of a society headed for rough water... as best you can. Your security, health, and welfare is dependent on your own discipline and effort... not some rank, socialist, politicians' empty promises.

OK I'll end that short lil' sermon right there... Just take care of yourselves folks... those clowns aren't ever gonna...

Me? I'm goin' out to climb on that Big Red Yamaha Raider... and put a grin on my ugly mug! :o)

Take Good Care

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Anonymous said...

Boy....Just another positve reason to get out from underneath what is coming! I vote WHEELS! The last 5 years have been a blast in fulltiming and it has hardly cost a dime!) Collect no debt and your as free as a bird! Keep pinch'in yourself...this is real. BoB

Anonymous said...

Brian, I saw a slick motorcycle carrier on the back of a fifth-wheel today while buying gas. It was a bumper that was about three feet wide, with diamond plate on it with chrome rack for the front wheel and tie-downs. But the coolest part was the guy had mounted a single wheel in the center of the out-side edge to support the extended bumper. It looked like the wheel turned 360 degrees. Wonder if you could make it wide enough to haul 2 bikes? Judy

Brian said...

They do make 'em Judy! ... the only problem with 'em... that I have found... is that some states still consider those 'dolly' outfits a second trailer, rather than just a 'lengthening' of the existing, and are illegal in those states... which makes for hassles trying to find out which states we can't go through and the hassle of NOT goin' through 'em :o)