Thursday, March 18, 2010

Deep Orange Sunrise... Warns of the Coming Storm

A blow is supposed to be on the way... Sometime late tonight. Not unexpected, this bein' the historically snowiest month in these parts. It's just unwanted by me! I'm with Mark... maybe even out in front of him in regards to winter...

When folks talk about Brian... What they DON'T describe him with is, "He So loves the Winter", phrases. :o)

Fact is... I could truly tolerate seeing snow only in pictures... for the remainder of whatever life I've got left... and the only good place for cold is inside a beer can.

Though we've got no real option but to ride out the balance of the winter settin' here in our faithful Ol' Jayco Eagle... That ain't my long term plan.

 A big part of my hunger for RV Living is Movin'!... you're supposed to get up of a mornin'... turn on the coffee pot... fire up the laptop... go test the plumbin'... come back and bring up your Weather Underground page to find out where the temperature is gonna be 70 degrees.

At that point you hitch up and haul to wherever that is. Air conditioning by Relocation! :o) Yes Sir!... Works for me...

Sittin' here... with a beautiful Colorado sunrise promising nearly 70 degrees today... but knowin' a blow is comin', and soon the Motorcycle Roads are gonna be buried under 6 or 8 inches of pain-in-the-nether parts SNOW!... Only aggravates my Hitch Itch!

Lowes called last evening... The blinds we ordered for the rig are in, so we'll pick them up today. Guess I know what I'll be doin' while it storms! ... 

Thinking on a 'New' motorcycle carrier plan... Rather than carry two bikes on the first circles we're thinkin' just the Raider... with the modifications I've planned for her... seat/saddlebags... we do have a two bike setup planned for the "wished for future"... but that's a story for another day.

So a "New Motorcycle Carrier" version would put the bike on the Trucks' flatbed, cross-ways behind the cab... with the hitch moved back a mite for added turning clearance... Firestone Airbags beefing up the suspension...

That takes a lot of weight back off the 5er, and, opens up that area for a Fifth Wheel Cargo box of Cowboy Design! :o)

What am I gonna do if my scheming parts ever get busted?... Guess I'd have to learn to play checkers! ... or maybe I could just ride my Raider more! :o) Hoo! Ya!... Hmmmm... anybody got a breaker bar? :o)

That Star Motorcycle is a joy to ride... for sure and for certain... I read yesterday where a fella asked; "Have you ever had a grin just spread across your face, only 'cause you were lookin' through the windshield, sittin' on the seat of your car or truck?"


Splittin' the wind, straddling the saddle of my Star Raider... I just grin for no particular reason... twist that throttle... and I remember what One reason is. :o)

Now... I gotta be careful... 'cause I'm the guy been tellin' folks that "THINGS" don't matter... so here is the fine print... RED RAIDER MOTORCYCLES ARE THE EXCEPTION TO THAT RULE! :o)

Heidi told me the other day that the Truck was sad when she got home... Something about I've been neglecting it 'cause I'm in love with a new Motorcycle... Never knew there was so much to do to keep machinery happy!

Hmmm... Maybe we're BOTH in danger of "Rounding the Bend?" :o)

Take Good Care

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