Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gotta Be Careful or I Backslide!

Ever'once in a while, I feel like I'm fallin' into "Old" ways... Lazy ways of doin' things, and dealin' with people... and that just ain't a ride I'm willing to make!

It's one of the dangers of our lil' "Rebuilding" period we're doin' now. Would be easy to fall right back into the work-eat-sleep-work-eat-sleep routine and find out a few years down the road that I'd got stuck back in another "Rut"...

Defending against that is a major benefit I find from my whittling out my websites... they serve to keep my lil' mind focused on what I need to do... For folks without such a tool there's a simple and valuable option... Journaling!

I keep one of those too... Hmmm... Think maybe there's a lil' OCD goin' on here? :o)

But it remains true... Puttin' down my thoughts, on blog pages or paper, about what happened yesterday... and what I'm hopin' to be goin' on tomorrow... as we wander down this trail in search of Freedom Road... keeps my feet goin' in the right direction... and spots it, purty quick, when I've wandered "off trail"...

Now, sometimes those "off trail" diversions turn out to be better than the planned trail... but, you get the idea. You have a pretty hard time of gettin' anywhere, if you got no notion of where ya'll wanna go... but don't get so hung up on the "Plan" that you miss the opportunities that come along... juuuuust a mite outside the box, of your plan.

Writing, journaling or something similar is a good way to keep me on top of what's happening around me... and how, achieving what I'd planned, actually fits!

... Not just recording the story of our RV Boondocking... or efforts to get there.

If you're like me... and need a "babysitter" to keep you from gettin' scattered all over creation... ya'll might want to give writing a journal of some variety a try.

Take Good Care

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Freely Living Life said...

Writing is very therapeutic. Even if one doesn't want their writings to be public, everyone should make writing a part of their lifestlye. =) Great post Brian. <3

Brian said...

FLL... Thanks! Yeah... Uh... some folks are a mite too shy to put their words out in front of the world...

I used to be... not so much now huh? :o)

I have found it is the most PERSONAL thing I've ever done... you push that "Post" button and kind of suck wind a lil'... waitin' for somebody to take a shot. :o)

But... when you do it right... and people acknowledge your effort... It's one of the Sweetest Things I've known.

Either way, it's another good thing for the inside of a man... or woman... a window into who ya'll really are...