Monday, March 15, 2010

It Just Keeps Gettin' Betterer and Betterer! :o)

and our Full Timing RV Boondocking days are creepin' up closer and nearer! 

I Swear... I keep lookin' 'round for the ambush!

Turned out, it was far easier gettin' that Yamaha Raider down off the truck... then loading her up. James had a 'dugout' loading dock out back that I didn't know about. It wasn't deep enough to hit level, by a foot or so, but a simple plywood ramp he had for loading his mower worked for that, just fine. A minute or so and she was on the ground!

I look up in front of the rig now and there sits not just one Star Motorcycle... but Two! Hoo! Ya!... This Ol' Buster has died and landed in Heaven... Either that... or Hell ain't near as bad as we've been told! :o)

I figure it must be Heaven... 'cause it's pretty cloudy and cool ... and I ain't seen any Red Headed Roosters around here yet... and 'he' knows what I've got planned for him, should we ever meet up... a whole lot of ear notchin', brandin', and a tail all knotted up! :o)

The only way things could shine much brighter, right now, is if we won the lottery... but they tell me you have to buy tickets to do that... so I'm not expecting much.

Worked on a couple of things 'round the rig yesterday... still settling in and getting back into our "Rig Living" routine... but then went to working on our "RV Boondocking Budget"...

I've had that Budget carved out in several different forms over the last three years... and about the time I thought I had it built WHACK! We'd take another hit that knocked a chunk of it out in the road.

Now, the house is done and gone... the truck is replaced... the bikes are parked 'tween the truck and the rig... The "Big Ticket" items have been handled... just the lil' details of our "Rebuild" to finish up...

Those Lil' details, each alone, don't amount to a lot... but taken together they still add up... so it's gonna take a lil' while to button 'em all up... so we can't just load up and leave right now.

Our "Plan" is to slowly build into ever more, and longer circles... until one day we look back and we're just rollin'... and don't have to go back! :o)

I ain't plannin' on that "One Day" bein' that awful far into the future... We're gonna start rollin' on shorter circles, sometime this spring... If I work hard on my "Projects"... and our luck holds even within eyesight of the way it's been goin'... by mid-summer we'll be awful close to tee total Wanderin' on Freedom Road!

Fact is... the way the "numbers" sit now... IF ever'thing falls into place fairly well... and no major potholes appear... we'd be about $11 in the red for a month... Hmmm...

Hell! I can miss two meals a month and cover that! :o)

We're not near as flush as we were when we started out on this... Heck... we ain't "Flush" at all... truth is... that all got "Flushed!"... but... We're more Solid than ever... We continue to whittle off the expenses for junk we've no need or use for...

We continue to reshape our way of going' to fit our 'way' of producing our subsistence... as we should have done a long dang time ago... Lesson Learned!

And that right there, is our "Plan" for the future... and something some folks have difficulty grasping I guess...

Some say that "saving" is the way... to put it away to live on... and I won't argue that having some set by, for emergencies is a good and sensible thing...


I argue that spending all that time... wearin' the rubber off that Treadmill that Mark writes about... for the purpose of 'settin' by' ... to fund some Hoped for Future, is NOT the best way...

The way I see it now... and should have had confidence in a long dang time ago... is to shape up a way of makin' the income for your needs, that is a Part of You... that goes where YOU GO... and produces your needs... as you need 'em...

It's LIVING... as you LIVE!

There's nothing, sitting in an 'account' somewhere, for the crooks to misappropriate... and... if you figure close enough... and live frugal enough... you can even keep the IRS out of your pocket... living by THEIR RULES! hee hee!

All it takes... is Imagination, Inspiration, a bit of perspiration and juuuusst a mite of payin' attention! :o) So... all you guys sitting in cubicles... standing on assembly lines... shuffling papers... who yearn and ache for a way out...

... stop yearning, stop aching... start imagining... start dreaming... and START BUILDING FOUNDATIONS... under those Glorious Castles! Pump up the Courage to reach out and take a hard grip on your opportunities.

IF... a broken down, Ol' bald headed, puss gutted, bent nosed, word butcherin', cowboy can break out on to the Sunny Slopes... So Can YOU!

Take Good Care

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Paul said...

Hey there Bri,

So I just read how has pulled its Colorado affiliates over the sales tax issues. No danger of Google doing that to you, is there? This is such a good setup for extra income, I hate to see the state getting so greedy that the business runs away.

Brian said...

Not the same thing I think... Google is simply advertising... Amazon is actual retail sales via the internet... so... no tax on advertising... it would be like paying sales tax for radio or newspaper... but you never know... politicians are parasites that think THEY own our labor... and just need to figure out how to collect "their share"