Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Only Legitimate Purpose for Making an RV Boondocking Income...

Is to take that Income... Go out... Grab a good firm hold on life... and LIVE IT! :o)

That is exactly what we're doin'! ... 'course... a Person can't live Proper... 'thout a Fine and Fancy Motorcycle! :o) Hoo! Ya!

Introducing the newest member of our "Family"... a Fiery Red... Star Raider Motorcycle!!!

 So... I don't know what the deal is... grabbed this pic first thing this morning, as soon as the light got strong enough, with her still sittin' on the truck. The Deal is that it seems to be developing into a pattern... bring a new bike home in the dark... sittin' on a truck!

:o) and, she's likely gonna sit up there for a bit... had a lil' 'issue' loading down in Brighton... so it's gonna take some 'thinkin' to git her down! Turns out, a Dodge Flatbed is a mite too tall for an ordinary ramp to work with a Cruiser style Yamaha bike... They sit too low...

So I'm back to conjurin' loading/unloading 'systems' again :o) ... uh... kind of a never ending thing with me, ain't it?

But, she's home now! and can I tell you I know where there's one Ol' Cowboy with a grin so wide it wraps 'round the back of his head?... He ain't careful, the top of his head'll separate and fall off! Hoo! Ya!

Yes sir! a few weeks back I said that I thought this was gonna be a shiny year, if folks would just let it be... Well... I for one, am Lettin' it BE! :o)

There's only one useful purpose to life, that I can see... maybe two, but they kinda fit together.

That purpose, to me, is to go out, grab a hold and ride that sucker! Go out and LIVE!... That second part? Take as many people along on the ride as you can... or coax 'em to take their own Ride For Life!

Yes Ma'am... uh or Sir!... Take care of your own life... and watch out for those around you... get 'em to smile and not dwell too long on the downer crap... put aside that useless stuff and Breathe People! Hoo! Ya!

Shining Times! For Sure and for certain!

Now... I gotta go try to get lil' red Missy... off my truck!

Take Good Care

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Jack Mayer said...

Very nice. I like the "lines". For loading, Ihave just two words. Arched Ramp.

Oh, OK, I'll add another. Winch. I would not want to ride that up/down on a flatbed, which is pretty high up there....but I'm getting chicken in my old age...

Brian said...

That's why I like you Jack... You make me think I know what I'm doin' when you say the same thing I'm thinkin'! :o)

the_Wanderer said...

Just dropped my Moto Guzzi 3 times tryin' to get it in a trailer tilt bed. I'm gonna go with a remote control electric winch; there is no body to help me.

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Well said Brian... grab onto those horns and hang on!

Brian said...

Wander - Jack's right... a winch is the ONLY way to go! :o) look at my Motorcycle carrier on this site or my motorcycle site... I use a small 1500lb Warn winch to pull the bike slow an' easy up the ramp and into my Wheel Dock chock... works like a champ... without all the struggle and worry... makes for a lot of that "More Harmonious Outcome!" :o)

Barry & Linda said...

Hey Cowboy,
Is this new Slick Lady takin' the place of yer V star, or is the Mrs. ridin' that. Happy Trails however you go. We'll be watchin'.

1 More Mile! said...

Congrats on the new shoes there Brian. Ride safe and far!

Freely Living Life said...

Beautiful bike Brian! Congratulations. Everything finally seems to be falling into place for you. Let the wind in your face remind you of the sweet taste of freedom! Yeee Haww! <3

Don said...

Great to hear some things are going well for you. Hope the new bike fits it's rider well for many a mile. Loading & unloading may be a pain but think about the enjoyment of riding it. Best wishes.