Saturday, March 13, 2010

Making an RV Boondocking income... and spending it!

Dropped off the "Hoss" last night... That's Boss Hoss, the Shiny 'new' Dodge 3500 that'll go to haulin' my knobby kneed lil' rooster cowboy butt around the west in the very near future! ... to get his new tires... $1100+ bucks for six of 'em... whew!

That's the 'spending' part of an RV Boondocking income... and the only part I've never had any sort of a problem with! :o)

If I have it... I can spend it... No Problem! :o)

Now, when it comes to makin' it, It being $$$ income for RV Boondocking... uh... BIG problem! :o)

Folks have constantly wondered how we can afford to "Retire"?  ... and we constantly reply; "We Can't!... and We Ain't!" ... We ain't Retiring... to use a modification of an Army Generals one time comment... "We're gonna live in a different direction!"

That's one of the more common questions I get from folks inquirin' 'bout; "How are you gonna Make an RV Boondocking Income, on the road?" 

Another common question we get is; "Are you going to keep Heidi's Bead Store?" ... and for now, the answer is yes. We're not totally sure how things are gonna shake out over the next year... The plan is to start rollin' on some circles late this spring/early summer... Kinda dip our toes in the river... and see how cold the water is.

As ever'body knows, things have 'changed' in the last three years... so our answer is to take it one day at a time and deal with things as they come...

We'll manage the store 'absentee'... (with a lot of circles back through) at least for a while. On that score we're real lucky. We have an 'employee'... who is the Employee every "Business owner' wishes they could have. It's a rare situation where somebody who works for you... becomes a pretty trusted friend to boot! But that is our 'situation'... Heck... we'd consider a partnership with this gal... just good people from the ground up.

The thing is... to change things out and pay what a person is worth... to be a 'manager' for us... means we won't realize the income we've admired in the past... so it's got to be produced from other sources...

I'm a follower of that Ol'; "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" philosophy... I like having my bread come from a variety of places... that-a-way... one takes a dump... things might get squeeky tight... but you can still keep the wolves away from the door...

So... along with The Bead Cache & my Lil' VA pension... we've got the ever growing return from my websites... for which I'm thanking the readers of those sites very much! :o)

... and a couple of other "Irons" warmin' up in the fire...

1. I'm working at getting back, now that the house ordeal is done *double Hoo! Ya!* to my "writing"... which I am intending to do a lil' ebook type publishing through an outfit called "Smashwords", that a loyal reader here put me on to... (Thanks Rex!)

2. Heidi and I continue to work, as things start to settle down after the last few weeks of daily Nine-Oh!... on our Co-Operative Journal/Album art... which we hope to have something ready to go come early summer... It's basically a 'Restart' with a twist... of the Leather Shop I had for nigh on to ten years... beginning back on the ranch...

3. We're also... pretty much planning... on takin' on a seasonal job or two... in areas we want to spend some time exploring in detail... Making long camps in those areas will cut our road expenses a significant amount... and a modest income from some 'low stress' retail palaverin' will help to put some beans in the pot...

As always, a key to making an income to sustain your RV Boondocking, is getting and keeping debt low or non-existent... which takes a lot of the stress off the need to make the donuts in the first place!

My point in revealing all this kind of 'private stuff'... is to show that YOU can make an RV Boondocking income too. Think 'Outside the Box'... use your imagination... exercise some discipline... uh... a full-time challenge for this guy! :o) and LIVE with confidence... You Will make it... and YOU will find RV Boondocking Shining Times along with Heidi and me!

Take Good Care

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Anonymous said...

Gonna' call that truck "Boss"? I thought that was used when you refer to the Good Lord!
How abot "Ram" since that's what it is, and will apply to some of your boondocking sights in the mountains! ===Fred===

Brian said...

Hey Fred! actually... Boss Hoss! ... 'least for now... :o) ... and... I figure, anything that reminds me of THE Boss... is a good thing! :o)