Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Starting to catch up...

Only had to work a 1/2 day today... for somebody else!...

That way, I could come back to the Eagle and replace a cracked valve I found the other day when we de-winterized. I do believe I found the intermittent leak we've had for a while. :o) ... I'll be writing a page in the maintenance section on what I used to make the repair... makes it real easy in the tight confines you usually get caught with when repairing RV water lines/valves.

Only time for a quick post... gotta hit the post office, and a few other errands... as well as pick up the 'borrowed' truck we're gonna use to finish up clearing out of the old place... Tomorrow!

... then, the last of this week... we get to start, in earnest, hunting the foundation for our new Tow Vehicle... and that big Ol' V Twin Cruiser.

Safe bet it'll be a Cummins :o) ... only thing left to decide... and what I find will likely do that... is whether it'll be a Quad cab to put a flatbed on... or a Chassis cab to build a sleeper & bed for.

Condition and price is gonna be the deciding factor here... I've a line on two Cummins trucks now... one of each...

Were also gonna be looking for the place to park for the next couple months while we get organized... have a line on a place down by Loveland. A friend stayed there a couple years ago... the tariff ain't too bad... better than some I've seen...

It's slowly sinkin' in that the burden we've been luggin' the past few years is gone... I guess we don't truly trust it yet... but... sittin' on that new recliner couch, sharin' a blanket... watchin' the boob tube last night... and eatin' supper, with the dogs sharin' their bed in front of the stove... we started to breathe a lil' different. :o) It sure feels right.

How come we seem to be so much more comfortable in a 240 square foot rig... than a 2900 square foot house? ... It don't make any sense to a lot... if not most of our friends, but that don't change the truth any!

We've always been our happiest... parked on the Pacific coast and walkin' the beach... camped up in the Uintahs ... or even overnighting in a Wal Mart lot... as opposed to settin' up in that big Ol' house, with three bedrooms, and all the trimmings...

Oh well... don't matter now... Do it? :o)

I'm off to chase my errands... and find a truck and Motorcycle! :o) HOO! Ya!

Take Good Care

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Anonymous said...

It's because 240 sq. ft. don't weigh on you as much as a 2900 sq. ft. domicile does. Not to mention the real advantage. The 240 sq. ft. is mobile and doesn't tie you down.


Snackmaster and Jan said...

Great! So happy for you! You even sound better - more relaxed and happy again:) Hope we are successful as well and will be following you by August:)

Brian said...

Sue has a good handle on "It"!

Snackmaster and Jan; Many Thanks... and I am turning a corner I think... and I do "feel better"... small successes can be noticed once you cut away some of the "Big Burdens"... and make the time to see 'em! :o)

Your "success" will come as well... I believe we're all on a Shining Times Journey... just have to "let it ride" sometimes and have faith! :o) ... we'll see you down the road!