Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's a Cruel Cruel Joke

A fella struggles for three years to sell a house... and he finally succeeds... Thinkin' Hoo! Ya! ... I is finally Free of that Ol' anchor!

Not so fast Cowboy... there's a lil' more to this deal...

'Cause he made just one lil' miscalculation... He ain't gettin' loose from that place in just three days!


Uhhhh... Heidi and I just couldn't get motivated back before the closing to get stuff ready... did that before... and all for nuthin'... after two failed deals, I guess our 'confidence level was lacking. So... when we shoulda been sortin' and packin' and haulin'... we was procrastinatin'...

Not a good choice :o)

It seems that gettin' ready... before you need to leave is a pretty good plan! ... sure wish it had been mine! :o)

We were supposed to be cleared out Saturday night at 5pm... Here it is Sunday night... I'm 'bout as wore down as I can get... and still have two piles sittin' in the Ol' shop... One bound for the dump... one for some other place... as soon as I can find a "Some other Place" to put it!

The new owner ain't comin' up from Texas till the middle of March... so I don't think there'll be much difficulty... but I sure want to be done with this... and now, of course, it's snowin'... sheesh!

Two truck loads and we're done... have to put in some time at the hardware store Mon & Tues... Keepin' my fingers crossed for completion, Tuesday afternoon...

... 'cause I've got Tow Vehicles and Motorcycles to hunt up!

Take Good Care

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Anonymous said...

Sound like Mr.Buffet's song - "times are rough, oh I got too much stuff, can't explain the likes of me"
You're on your way to your One Particular Harbour! Congratulations my Cowboy Friend!
Scott in New England

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Been thru it many times... as Bobbie and I , as a side business from our day jobs, built, or bought and remodeled homes to resell every three years for 25 years. I ran out of "friends" after about the 3rd time. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if it weren't for the day job. It just sucks, no other way to put it... except maybe, "It's a cruel joke." Take care that you don't mess up your back on the verge of freedom.

Don said...

Well, go ahead and whine a little, I always tell people I'm too lazy to move my home. It's a LOT like work even if it isn't icy and snowy. However, congratulations on finally selling the house and good luck in the future.

Louise said...

So glad to hear that the house is sold! Wahoo! Don't fret, you'll be on the road before you know it, living la vida mobile.

See you out here on the road...