Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Starting the Search for our "New" RV Tow Vehicle


Finally! We can start re-building what the last three years has whupped up on. It feels genuinely good to be able to start working forward again, rather than the 'hoping we can hold out long enough' that we've been doin'...

I'm gonna look at a "good Ol' truck" today...

and this is a touchy spot for me... one of those places that I think "ego" is pokin' me some... and it's the difficult part of "Frugal Living" for some... I can claim that I tee-total understand what it's like to deal with that "ego" crap... 'cause I've been hobbled by an oversized ego for too long! :o)

We bought that Big Red truck feeling like real big shots... and feeling flush... OOPS... had that misjudged juuuuust a mite. That there was a genuine, pokin' the badger, DUMB, mistake... our Old '98 was solid... and paid for... now here we sit... with NO truck...

So... I'm lookin' at another '98 today... been owned by the same fella for at least 8 years... so I'm hopin' for a good find...

The thing is... a fella - This fella - needs to put those thoughts of flash and fancy aside, and simply focus on function, durability, reliability, and cost... with a clear view of exactly where he's wantin' to go... and what he needs to get there.

I need a decent Tow Vehicle... and a few necessities... solar power, etc... but there is a clear and plain difference between what I need and what I want...

For folks wantin' to Live Frugal that lil' task can be piece of work. The system is set up to condition us to feel like we're ... almost failures, if we don't succeed at collecting all that Flash and Fancy. We get hit with the constant drone of advertising to beat that into us... It can be a tough thing to fight... I know I have to keep a deliberate focus on that 'weakness' ... all the time! :o)

'course, I'm sure you can all agree... a fine Motorcycle is a NEED... and not a want! :o)

The rig we (I) am planning now is a Two Lane Boondocker! By that I mean... my intention for us, when we move camp, is to be rollin' 45 mph on the Two Lane... maybe 100, 150 miles in a day... on the days we actually Move.

My point is, I'm gonna put Low pressure on our rig... and Low Pressure... ON US!

I, pure and simple, don't have a need for a rig that'll haul the mail 87mph down the interstate... I've got little or no intention of doin' that... and that changes what I need, just a mite... allowing me to, hopefully, conserve a dollar or two in the set up...

Well enough of my ramblin' for today... time to go get those last two loads moved... and then it's straight up Shining Times!

Oh Lordy! :o)

Take Good Care

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Anonymous said...

I thought i'd never be on the interstates...I was wrong!! I've been on them more then i wanted to be but i still don't like to be with all the people not watching the road and driving aggressively. This I find a real challenge. BoB

Anonymous said...

Get the 12v 98.. All they need is a strong transmission, brake and front steering upgrades and they will go a half million miles more. Best is that all the little tidbits that break are readily available in the pick-apart yards now.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what a 12v 98 is, but be sure you get a 3500 Cummins, they have a little more brakes for them mountains out there. ===Fred===

Brian said...

Aggressive drivers are little boys... uh... usually... in 'old' bodies :o)

I may go as old as a 12V '98... depends on the rest of the truck!

Fred... Yep that 3500 has more brakes and better axles... and that "12V 98" is a 1998 with a 12 Valve cummins engine... a little simpler... and DEAD RELIABLE, but a lil' less 'juice' than the 24 valve engine that replaced it...

... gonna take our time and make a careful hunt, and hopefully not make any bonehead choices :o)