Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting Back into the "Routine"

Thought you might like the first, soft sunrise last Saturday morning in our 1st FREEDOM ROAD camp...

It's not spectacular... but you know what?... Soft and easy, is pretty sweet to this worn down Ol' Buster... Wakin' up to this each morning wouldn't hurt my feelings none at all!

We've got a few minutes of chores to do this morning and then we're tee total clear of the "Old place"... :o)

Then... we're gonna mix a lil' work and a lil' playtime today... get back to taking "Our Day or Two" each week, that belongs to only US! ... Selfish huh? :o)

Gonna go scout a "Camp" for our Long Camp of the next couple months... and make a couple more "Scouts" on Trucks...

I looked at a '98 24V yesterday... Not a Bad rig... a few blemishes here and there... that Diesel sounded solid... but the front tires were wearing poorly... made me think there's likely some significant front end work needed ASAP... the windshield had a small crack... 'bout 6 feet long :o)

... and some other minor things, like missing marker lights...

The price was right... but a lil' voice was tellin' me to keep on looking... so... we keep on looking...

That Chassis Cab I was hoping to try out has vanished... bummer... but, there's plenty more... just keep on hunting...

Have another "Scout" lined up... if somebody else don't get there first... up west a ways... talking to the guy who owns it... he sounds like he's "informed" about 'em... and his "description" sounds good... and it already is set up with a flatbed... saving me some of that work...

We can't get up to it till tomorrow afternoon... If it's meant for us... it'll be there. I just ain't willing to get myself all cranked up... runnin' 'round like a crazy man... thinkin' if I don't get there Now the world is gonna cave in...

THAT is the world I'm leavin' behind... anyone who wants it, can have my portion of that baloney!

Me? I'm takin' it slow... and when the right truck is sittin' there... when my pokey Ol' kiester finally shows up... I'll buy it! :o)

Take Good Care

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1 comment:

Snackmaster and Jan said...

So true - on the truck. That's how we found ours. Just takin it easy and looking a lot:) The perfect one was waiting for us in OK:) No one else was even looking at it and for a while we wondered what was wrong with it:) But finally decided it was just for us and made a sweet deal on it, even had some "extras" thrown in we thought we would have to buy later:) You are right - if it is for you, it will be there - ready when you are:) Good luck!