Tuesday, February 16, 2010

clooooser.... cloooooser...... scarrrrrrier.... scarrrrrier!

Be vewy, vewy quiet! :-) 8 Days an' a wakeup till the house closing! but shhhhhh... don't tell no-one!

I'm jumpier than one of those frogs down to chucky cheese! I flinch ever' time I hear a noise! :-)

It's like bein' a lil' kid in a tent out in the woods... listening and shivering at every footstep, of ever' lil' cricket, wanderin' through the bushes...

I'm gonna be one tired ol' geezer when this is done!

Day full of runnin' errands today... the hardware store cut hours... again... down to near nothin' now. Makes things tight... but... expected...

Employers are in the same category as lawyers and politicians in "My World"... "Too leaky a Vessel to put much faith in"... -Gus McCrae

So anyhoo... I'm gonna be runnin' nine-oh with my hair on fire all day... yeah, ok, smart alecs... It''ll be a small fire... but you'll still smell burnin' hair! :-)

All in all things are happening... and I'm gettin' verification that my "Designs for the Future" are good and proper for us...

Though it's a tougher road than we'd planned... and we'll have to go a mite more austere... and maybe even slower :-) ... and it'll take us some months of work, after the closing, to get up to whatever "Full Speed" our speed will be... We finally seem to be getting to the Leaving Place.

Thank You Boss!

Now... I better get to leaving today... or I'll never get my chores done.

Take Good Care

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Ken and Nanette said...

There may be some bumps along the way but we have learned flexibility is the key.

We have had to make some adjustments due to some curve balls we have thrown but we ain't going back.

We will be very interested as things progress for you.

Freely Living Life said...

It's so darn close you can almost taste it!! Get ready Brian . . . you've been waiting for this moment for a very long time! We are very excited for you as you two begin your journey. :)