Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Like Lugging Sacks of Cement

I just can't get excited 'bout things just now... Keep holding my breath waiting for the 'Wolves' to come out of the trees. :-)... just 10 more days and I can breathe easy... but... right now... I'm breathin' purty shallow... and lookin' 'round for ambushes! :-)

Put a few ads on Craigs List for the used furniture we picked up when we moved back into the house... There might be a business there for somebody sharp on the values of such 'possibles'...

Those ads weren't 5 minutes old and I was gettin' responses from 'em... and the 'Free' couch and chair we just wanted to get gone, so we wouldn't have to haul it somewhere, was 'got gone' in about an hour!

Seems like if a 'Horsetrader' was sharp on some 'thing' that folks are seeking on there... they might just turn an honest nickle or two... Me? I believe in buying high... and selling low... and makin' it up in Volume! :-)

Heidi Started puttin' the Rig right yesterday... cleaning and layin' in the shelf and drawer liners...

I still need to finish up the trim out on that floor... keep letting myself get diverted... which isn't much of a challenge for that what's divertin' me.

We'll get most of that work done this Wed/Thursday...

Aw, this is gonna be one Shiny Year... I have a good feelin'... if I can just quit jumpin' and askin'; "What was that?"... ever' time the dang phone rings! :-)

I'll be one happy puncher once this deal is settled out and I can start breathin' normal again... and building on a Future of Shining Times!

Take Good Care

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Sharlotte Cain said...

YIPEE !!! I now have a countdown calendar on my phone with a big alarm set to go off on the 10th day. Counting down with you Brian. Hopes, wishes and dreams are all riding with you and Heidi. Keep on plugging.

Butch and Fonda Williams said...

Congratulations, Brian, It's been a long trip, but it seems like the adventure is just about to start!
We've had a couple of very MINOR inquiries, nothing serious, just enough to whet our "what if" imagination.
We're not where ready if something did come along right now, but it wouldn't take too long to get ready.
You go on ahead, we'll catch up to you later!

Butch and Fonda