Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Lil' More Cowboy Philosophizin' and a Re-statement of My Purpose Here...

And Well... it's time for me to Cowboy Up and really get to work.

I'm slowly workin' and fightin' my way back to what this website was, and is, supposed to be about... and that ain't just about RV'n and it's also NOT looking at my future as some sort of a 'retirement' thing either.

RVing is just a 'vehicle', and I have No Intention of ever 'retiring'. - even if I would ever have the assets to allow it :-)

Something I've always wanted to achieve here, is NOT to show folks, THE, way... 'cause there ain't, just one way, and anyone who tells you there is... is spreadin' fertilizer...

What I hope to do, is maybe show that if you hang tough and keep huntin' for Your Own Way... That if you keep duckin' and movin'... Keep your mind and your heart open... You will find what you're lookin' for.

Now... I sure didn't plan the rocky trail I've had the last three years... but maybe they've contributed... 'cause... in spite of all that... maybe, because of all that? My life is slowly becoming as much as I ever thought it could be.

What I've been chasin', my whole life, is a superior way of living... not just for Old Geezers like myself, but for ever'body... right from the get go. A Fine way of living. Shining Times!

A way that is an option to the old traditional ways... It's my position that the way I want to live... is a good and reasonable 'option', for an entire Life, for those just getting started...

I want to show that 'savings', 'investment', and focusing on money is not the best way... but focusing on Living... and building a Creative way to produce the needs of your life... as you live it... is a more reasonable... secure... and creative option...

That feeding your Spirit... and uplifting your Soul... is every bit as important... as the beans on your table.

That there is a 'way' that lives in opposition to slaving away at some mind dulling drudgery for the best years of your life.

That squirreling your life's work away into a bank account, that some scheming corporate exec can render worthless; while you struggle on, hoping you'll stay healthy enough, long enough, to actually be able to enjoy some of it... some NOT a reasonable choice.

One of my few regrets is that I failed to take us this way... a way I felt was right, then... a long, long time ago.

I too... allowed myself to be 'lead' by the Judas goat... partly by conditioning and partly through fear... down a trail I just knew... was not where I wanted to go... and I've no one to blame but my own self. I'm hopeful, ya'll can learn from my mistakes

So... here I am... I can see so many of my past mistakes... so clearly now... Funny... Looking forward? It's as murky as it was when I started... but I can see the past... crystal clear... and it is that 'History' that guides me now... into our future.

I measure the future against the past... each day as I come to it... I've "Heard it all before"... and so I am warned of "deadfalls and bogs" to avoid... But you have to learn to trust yourself.

You know, I believe that not just RV'ers, but the American People as a whole, have been blessed with a restless, wandering, gypsy, gene. I know, for sure and for certain, I am! :-)

Always reaching... always looking... It is that restlessness that has motivated so much of what we have achieved.

The open road... in a rig, or on a Motorcycle provides my soul with some intangible "thing" that it aches for... and withers without.

I find that there are those who ridicule that... I myself hold with the idea that anyone who would ridicule the choices that another makes, in his own life... choices which bring them joy; Why, that fool only makes, himself, the one worthy of ridicule... if anyone ever is.

So where does all this philosophizin leave us?

Huntin' the answers and Living Life... while goin' RV Boondocking and Motorcycle Touring the Good Life :-)

Like Ol' Roy used to say; "Until We Meet Again!" :-)

Take Good Care

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Sharlotte Cain said...

Alright my friend, Didn't even notice you had it moved until I had read the post and saw the bottom, just shows how observant I am. Seems you have been sitting and thinking on some mighty deep thoughts lately. No one knows what you need in your life, Brian. No one but you and Himself. Please yourself, and as long as you know you aren't doing something that will someday make you hang your head in shame when asked, "Explain this" as a finger points to an entry in "the Book". Turn a deaf ear to the ones who are criticizing you. My dear Mama used to tell me they are only jealous of what you are doing and how you are living your life. I, personally, am tickled pink with everything you and Heidi are doing and planning to do. Until I can get on that road too, I am living my dreams through the two of you. So go for it, just keep it between the ditches.

Fred said...

At the risk of sounding judgemental (Don't mean to) somewhere in the good book it says "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you"
Served me well for 84 years and still counting!! ===Fred===