Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Going to Practice... Bein' in a Boondocking Camp...

... on a lazy day...

'cause... some dirt bag gave me Their lousy bug! :-) Lordy... I never used to get a sniffle... nowadays? Seems like ever' dang winter... right about now... I get some burnin', hackin', wheezin', head-spinnin'. lung bustin', whizbanger of a monster bug... that turned into pneumonia two out of the last five years...

'tween the coughin' and the rubber legs... I'm just not gonna accomplish much today anyhoo... and much there is to do.

The buyers inspector found a couple of lil' things that I already knew needed attention... one lil' thing that is gonna be a royal, horned-cow-hassle to fix... and I'm still waitin' on Home Depot to produce that last box of flooring I need, so I can button up the flooring install...

Comin' up Wednesday evening we leave for 10 days or so, to Tucson... for the big buying trip of the year... for the store... and then have only another 10 days or so, once we're back... to button up all the things we have to do to pull out of here...

... and here I set... coughin' up a lung! :-)

We were talkin' yesterday... and we both griped that we'd not been able to have our 'own day', like we had got to doin' late last summer and fall, for a few weeks now. Seems some sort of 'business' has been gettin' in the way...

Now, That, is something we just ain't gonna accept for long. Things have to get done, 'cause of what all's goin' on... how-some-ever... if those things don't hurry up and get'emselves done up and finished... in one helluva hurry... they may find 'emselves abandoned!

'cause there's a lot more to Living than Takin' care of business!

Business, is supposed to take care of us! and if it don't? ... I'll ride bareback on a Porcupine... before I'll surrender what's left of my life to business ever again! It ain't... my first priority... That is a mistake I'll not repeat.

Well... I guess it's past time for me to get busy at layin' about.

Take Good Care

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Freely Living Life said...

My intentions were to E-mail you our information Brian, but I couldn't find an E-mail address for you on here. I hope you don't mind that I'm posting this in your comments section:

We have finally decided to break down and start to blog about our journey. We hope you will come along for the ride as we share our adventures and experiences with the world.

We also wanted to let you know that you have made it to our "Cream of the Crop" blogroll! We love to follow your blog. :)

Happy & Safe Travels,

The McLeod Family