Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to the RV Remodel

Got my hands on the last box of Allure vinyl tile flooring yesterday afternoon... the Eagle is warming up now... and I'll put the last of the floor in today... or almost.

I also picked up the materials for that danged 'transition' from the slide to the fixed floor...

I had a 'brilliant' idea... 'course it was given to me by some random stranger in a lumber yard... but I'm claiming it! :-) rather than a wood, or aluminum piece hanging out there (that gave me 'reservations' for a couple reasons) I'm going to use Vinyl, Base Moulding.

When we ordered that last box of tile we found the perfect color of it, for the tile we've put down. The 'problem' comes in when you go to get the amount you need...

You can buy 4' strips, 20 foot rolls, or... 120' rolls. I need 'bout 14'... so... les' see... divide the 2... carry the 7, add in the 4, cut in half... and that 20' roll would seem to just about be the perfect choice... right?


The thing is... I'm gonna use the moulding... upside down! Base moulding has a lil' angle at the bottom, so it turns out just a lil' bit, where it normally meets the floor. That makes it perfect for what I need... Turned upside down, and laid on the slide, it will "turn down", to make up that lil' bit the slide is higher than the fixed floor.

So... what's the problem?

The 4' base strips are 'clean'... the 120' base is 'Clean'... BUT! for some reason all the 20' rolls anyone has are covered on the backside (what I want to be the 'front') with self-adhesive... arrrrghh!

and I'm too cheap to spend for the big roll... and then throw away something like 106'! :-)

So... I'm using the 4' strips... and will invent some sort of seam setup for the two seams I'll have to put on that 'long run' down the slide.

Yesterday I went about, hackin' and coughin' with this 'Cowboy Bug'... and tryin' to get the few 'corrections' made from our Buyers inspection list...

When I got to the biggie... the "Horned Cow Hassle" I mentioned... I broke down and hired a pro! :-) ... the ground on the north side of the foundation 'subsided' and pulled the conduit riser out of the bottom of the main service entrance for power...

Now, that line is buried, maybe 6' deep there... digging it up to raise it back up... is not an option... so the onliest thing left was to extend the end of that 2" conduit, back into the box... something like an inch...

Whoo ya! Ever try to pull a rigid piece of heavy copper wire... maybe a mite bigger than your thumb... through a keyhole... sideways? That's just about what had to be done... Havin' a pro electrical guy there to do it... made things a whole lot easier... all I had to do was stand 'round lookin' decorative!

But now, ever'thing we needed to do... for the selling of the house is purty much taken care of... and we can leave for Tucson next Wed. with a mite fewer 'stresses'... the only one left is waiting for all the things that... can go wrong... to NOT go wrong! :-)

... and after the past few 'situations'... can I say we're juuuuuust a mite gun shy? :-)

Well... the coffee's hot... the rig is warmin'... the coughin' is less... and that fine new RV Floor awaits me...

Ya'll have a shiny one... OK?... and...

Take Good Care

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Sharlotte Cain said...

Hey Brian,
When you cut out for Tuscon next Wed, are you going to have Slick hitched up to the 5er or are you planning to stay in those wicked hotels?? Or have we gotten a new tow vehicle and I didn't hear about it?

Brian said...

:( naw... no new tow vehicle yet... gonna do it the old fashioned way... gonna hitch hike! :-)

Naw really... uh...know what? I'll make that tomorrows post! :-)