Saturday, January 30, 2010

Laying the RV Floor Replacement is Mostly Done!

Woo Hoo! Home Depot finally delivered, and I was able to get that last box of tile...

All I've got left is to screw down the Slide edge "transition" and pin down the shoe base around the edges...

Not feeling too bad for the first time in a couple days... so I decided that I should quit while I was ahead and let it rest for another day... and not push my feeble lil' self too hard. :-)

But... the floor is in... and if I say so myself, it looks like a pretty good job for an Ol' mountain cowboy!

I'm Happy with it... and the couch is settin' where it's gonna go as well... just have to secure it down to the floor... Wouldn't do to open the door.. somewhere on the road... and find it sitting on the stove! :-)

Hmm... fitting the pics in here is something new... gonna have to learn a lil' more 'bout another new system I guess :-( sheesh!

Just a quick note... gotta get back to some other chores...

Take Good Care
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Box Canyon Blogger said...

looking good... the RV I mean. you (and I) are well past that stage.
I guess I need to change my link to your new address.
BTW, I think you need a dirt bike too, so you can get remoter than remote. You'll find a place for it :))

Brian said...

Hey! Speak fer yourself! I'm PURTY!