Sunday, January 31, 2010

RV Boondocking or... the Evil Motel?

That's our RV Boondocking camp near Heber... up on the Mogollon in Arizona... last year... and a sweet camp it was!


:-) Sharlotte wanted to know... so I figured I'd get it over with and admit to the heresy.

We leave next Wednesday afternoon or evening for Heidi's annual buying trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show... Things are a mite tighter this year than in past... and with the house, hopefully in 'transition' ;-) we're gonna make a bit quicker run this time around...

... and then... seeing as we're Truckless... as in nada... as in the only thing sitting in the driveway is Lil' Red... who has seen better days... and Slick... (Yamaha V Star) It's a pretty safe bet the Eagle... who hasn't got his RV Renovation completed yet... ain't goin' anywhere for a bit!

The store is rentin' us a car... and we're gonna... wait for it! ... stay in... motels... shhhh. don't tell no one!

There... I said it... We'll 'camp' at the 'family' house in Tucson... but commin' and goin'... we'll play the Great American Road Trip Tourist... in a rented car... eating greasy food in roadside cafe's... slurpin 7-11 coffee... sleepin' on mattresses, slept on by a couple of hundred other travelers... who hopefully weren't suffering with any sort BUGS! :-) ... or worse! :-O

... Stoppin' along the way to
buy worthless junk at Roadside Tourist Traps for a buck two ninety eight... that you fill boxes with that you have to sort through and throw out thirty years later...

But... we want to be back before the weekend of the 13th... so we have the few extra days of another weekend, to deal with any 'unexpected consequences' that might pop up...

I figure to use this lil' trip to keep me mindful of why I like wandering in our own rig... sleeping in my own bed... and not having to worry 'bout leaving anything in a motel room... and having it still be there when I get back...

We don't have that problem much in the rig... some fool wants to break in there... it just means I won't have to feed the dogs for a week or so! :-O

... and now that I think of it... I don't require much remindin'... mostly... all I have to do is open a scrapbook... or pull up 'My Pictures' on the laptop... and right there... is all the Memory Refreshin' I need! :-)

To tell the truth... motelin' it... ain't that bad for me... once you've ate stuff you found under a rock... drank from a muddy hoof print... and lived on c rations for months... a greasy spoon and buggy motel mattresses, look pretty darn good! :-)

Helps to not be real picky too!

Take Good Care

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1 comment:

Sharlotte Cain said...

Just had to ask-- seriously, invest in a can or two of that spray Ly--l before you go and when you get to each room before going out to the greasy spoon to chow down, spray the s--t out of the comforter, bed linens and pillows, and don't forget the bathroom throne either. All should be dry and sweet smelling before you have to sleep on it at night. Least ways, that is what me and mine do whenever we have to stay in motels (gasp, what an ugly word). Worked real well so far--no bugs that we know of. LOL.
Really like the floor in the 5er and the couch. It looks like it is the right size. Did you decide what you are gonna put in the place that usually holds the dining area. Is this where your leather working thingie or your desk from the house is going? Can't wait until you get it all put back together.
Have you tested the slide since putting in the strip? Does it work well. We may have to do the same thing under our dining room slide to get rid of the carpet in that one area.
Well, sorry for being so long winded, but was excited to see the pics of the finished project. Good luck to you and Heidi, and be careful driving down the road.
You gonna be able to post while you are gone or are you gonna disappear for a while?