Wednesday, August 17, 2016

So Far...Montana Keeps Me Going

I've had weak to no signal and multiple pokes and jabs to deal with so haven't been able to post.

The generator died. Holed something. Getting blowby through the crankcase, so that's kind of a hassle when ever'thing you need to do requires electricity.

Then the phone blew up... or locked up. Changed my password all on its own and ended up wiping out everything on the phone... so that was fun... apparently it's some sort of  "glitch" running through android smart phones__and a few Iphones... nice.

Had moved to a camp on Lost Trail pass in the SW corner of Montana. Beautiful spot. Couldn't get up on top where I wanted to go where there IS some signal... because this too long Lakota can't make one of the turns on the way coming up that logging trail... so I stayed below in the FS camp... and tried to work.

That can be hard to do through all the "things" going on...

There was a fire a few miles north had to keep an eye on... it closed the road up there a time or two. Then__Just to keep things interesting...


*Mountain Jewels*

A second fire blew up just four miles in the opposite direction... threatening the only road out! Started feeling pretty snake bit. But watching the slicks and the fixed wing work that fire was pretty interesting.... and then a fire crew went in... but those pics were on my phone... and lost,

*fire on Lost Trail Pass*

Saw this off a hundred yards or so walking up to the top of the road one morning... kinda glad it was off so far. The camera can zoom to let me see ;) It was 'bout the size of a basketball...

Got a little work done with all the distractions__but not near good enough. Moved up to Seeley lake yesterday. Hope to get some work done here... though I still have to figure out how to get power. Only source I've got right now is the truck.

That's purty obnoxious to have to run a 9000 pound noisy diesel generator for the hours it takes to recharge batteries... sheesh.

I try to balance the irritating, draining and seemingly unending "issues" with plain old Beautiful Montana... so far it keeps me going... but I'll tell you what... one poke and jab after another, coming so quick you ain't got time to overcome the first before the next strikes is getting kinda old...

Did get word that the fools at the bank, after nearly 120 days of askin' for it...FINALLY sent the Title to South Dakota so I can get legal again... Should have a plate on the trailer in a few days... as soon as the mail man delivers the mail... so that's a good thing.

... anyhoo__ it's off to one foot in front of the other I go...

- Brian

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Howiet said...

Rode past Seeley Lake on the "Old Sow" last Sunday. Kind of had a feelin' you were in that area so I waved as I rode by. Course I was a few days early. Hope the pokes and jabs slow down for ya.