Monday, May 23, 2016

An UN-Expected Deluge 😨

Wellllll... A genuine, un-adulterated, WTF! sort of a moment.

Seems quite a while back I agreed to transfer the Solar panel part of the power system to Heidi's new-to-her-rig when she got it... 

Yeah, we split, but we get along pretty peacefully now... odd? wierd? IDK, but it's fine by me.

Soooo... She pulled in to the kids Missouri hideout the other day for a visit rolling her Winnebago Spirit rig... 

Today I started pulling the solar parts off of the old fiver. They've been there for what... seven or eight years?

Ever'thing seemed to be goin' along just fine... Thennnn... I pulled the conduit I'd just disconnected, through which run the power cables all the way from the panels to the charge controller, down through the floor of the compartment...

WOOSH! ARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!! I Jumped, sputterd, spewed bad words and dirty names!

Must have been a pint or better of water sitting in that conduit through which something like 14 amps of Solar juice had been flowing!! 

Damned thing gushed out like I'd turned on a hose! NOT something that is supposed to happen... :-/

How it got into a "water tight" conduit, or how long it's been in there I'm not yet knowing... buuuut I expect I'll find out. 

Hopefully there'll be no more unexpected discoveries! I need to get this job done so I can hitch and haul... The Dakota Badlands are waiting so I can get back to workin' hard on a book!

Soggy but Not electrified



The Furry Gnome said...

Glad you're not elecrtified at least!

Unknown said...

Well, at least we know the insulation on the wiring is waterproof. You probably needed a shower anyway.

Glad is wasn't anything serious...