Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Am a Horseman... In a World I Understand Ever Less of With Each Passing Day

I grew up thinking I understood "man". I have discovered that understanding mankind is a lot like understanding women. If you think you can do that let me expose you to a lil' and hard to swallow truth; You friend are existing in a place called Wonderland!

Truth is, I grew up knowing what people were thinking. I could predict their choices and actions.  In large part I knew what they would say and do. Where they would go and why. A valuable ability for a soldier.

But the world has changed. Humanity has changed and the evolution has not been positive. The double speak of George Orwell has morphed into reality. Up is down. Light is Dark. Truth is Lie.

Evolution, if you believe in that theory, has morphed into deliberate degeneration. Rather than survival of the fittest it has become deliberate communal destruction of the fittest because it is not fair to be stronger and more successful.

Creativity and productivity are no longer Honorable. To profanely insult, denigrate, defame and dishonor is what makes you an icon in the current world.

Judging what the reasonable action of a thinking person will be based on the physical observed reality is no longer an accurate way to predict what their actions or choices will be.

There was the time I took considerable pride in being able to understand where a person "was coming from" even if I viscerally disagreed with their judgement. I might disagree but I could understand, I could comprehend how they could come to that decision or understanding.

That allowed me to make intelligent choices and decisions of my own in the interest of dealing with and co-existing with those people.

Now a days... I haven't got a clue... To quote Hawkeye quoting his father; "They are a breed apart and make no sense."

What is plainly obvious is painted as stupidity and that which has been shown repeatedly to be folly and lie is held up as towering wisdom... and any who speaks against that insane "Wisdom" is demonized variously as degenerate, racist, misogynist, misanthrope, deviate, selfish...

So what has that got to do with being a horseman?

Well... a guy at some point has to make choices. Does he keep on trying to comprehend the incomprehensible and repair the damage? or... does he simply accept the approaching reality of what those people are creating and walk away? Does he step out from under the falling tree?

If he steps away it's a given that he does so with a wounded soul.

Horses are Honest. They play no emotional games. They are transparent.

... if ... you choose to take the time and invest the effort to learn the language they communicate in and approach them in the same honest manner you are rewarded.

You are rewarded with a relationship with the purest and most wonderful souls the Boss ever created.

I am weary of the willful stupidity and mindless ego games of humanity. I can see the end result. To me it is as clear as a meteor streaking across the sky... and as unstoppable.

So... I go back to horse for the soul filling and soul healing power they share... and the joy they provide in this life.

While mankind... with its infinitely ignorant ego... like the meteor that races across the sky... burns up in that egotistical atmosphere he alone created.

Just a Horseman


The Furry Gnome said...

I fear there is too much teuth in what you say!

Ed, Carol and Gopher the dog said...

The more I see of the world, the smaller my part of it becomes.
A wonderful wife, a good dog. That's about all I require.