Sunday, May 17, 2015

I May... But I Haven't Yet...

I've thought long and hard about starting yet another website.

Buuuuut... since I've not been doing a stellar job of mucking out the stalls of the two I have, I haven't yet found that to be a good idea! :)

The new site would be, of course, wrapped around the building and working of my yet to be truly started winter camp.

I've been running so hard lately I forget where I'm at sometimes...

So... don't think I've revealed, though my confused brain pan can't be tee total sure, that I locked down a few weeks back, a five acre spot of Arizona dirt before I rolled north.

Down in Cochise county, on the afternoon of the day Arlo joined my camp, I signed the paper to work a cheap deal on five "dirt cheap" acres in Sulphur Springs valley in Arizona.

A few dollars down and a few more each month for but 15 months or so... and I've got the Cochise county location where I can be who the hell I am with a minimum amount of the kings minions pokin' and jabbin.

Cochise county is one of the three or four Arizona counties that are still a place where a bit of the original thoughts of the founding fathers still exists.

The spot I found sits right between the two mountain ranges where Geronimo and Cochise made fools of the U.S. Army for years. The Army never did truly defeat them... it just exhausted them

With that kind of spirit living in the soil of that land... it seemed a pretty good place for an anachronism like me. I would have liked more dirt than the five acres I've got... and to tell the truth, the five acres adjacent is for sale... and I WANT it!  I just can't swing it, considering the commitments I've made already in the past six weeks!

If I could get past the craziness I'm wading through and get my next book done, maybe I could generate the dinero to do that. I can only hope the fella selling it will not succeed until I can line up my ducks to scoop it up too! :)

Any way... back to the original thought of this rambling post... I started a new section in the Main goin' RV Boondocking site to write about the development of my Cowboy Winter Camp. The section is titled, curiously enough,  Cowboy Winter Camp on the nav bar... the button under that is labeled "Home Base".

***Edit*** Yeah... those section/button names changed as I did more work and the "idea" clarified a mite more in my head... "Goin' back to cowboy" is the section header... and there's three buttons under that... *** 

Until I find the ambition to do the huge amount of work to build another whole site, I'll put all the developments of my winter camp there. I think it likely you'll be able to go to links on that Home base page as well as I'll probably add some more links under that Cowboy Winter Camp section header... There'll be plenty to write about.

In any event, that's where the lion's share of my webwork will be invested for a lot of my coming future.

Considering that this "site" has grown to nearly 25,000 visitors a month now, it seems reasonable to find a way to build that new work into this location and not split it up with another new address...

Pretty good excuse for being lazy huh? :-P

annnnnnd... lazy as I am, and seeing that it's now 11:54 in the p.m. ... this old buster is going to bed!

Still Keepin' On
- Brian


Judy said...

Hubby and I looked at land south of Willcox. Really like the the looks of Willcox; could have been comfortable in the neighborhood.

Unknown said...

I am happy that you are doing this wonderful thing for yourself! Will be following your horse camp. Exciting!

Unknown said...

Sound thinking Brian.