Friday, May 15, 2015

I Just Keep on Keepin' On... Making Adjustments Along the Way.

The worst thing a buster can do__is sit. Stagnation is pure death to dreams and ambitions. The longer you stay static the deeper your feet sink into the dust and the more effort it takes to pull 'em out and get moving again.

It's better to keep moving and find out you made a choice a bit off target than to sit waiting for "things to get better" or for that perfect opportunity to fall on you. If something is moving, it's far easier to redirect it to a better trail once you see you're off course a bit... than it is to get a stuck in the mud, stagnant, frozen piece of Anything moving out of its STUCK position.

As always... I set out thinking I know where I'm going and when... only to find out the world has some of it's own modifications to throw into the mix.

Thought I was going to be coming to Denver to help get the kids house ready to go on the market at the best price. Welllll... it's hard to get a house "ready" when it sells "as is" before it ever even gets listed!

So that blew an un-occupied hole in my schedule of about a month. They'll be leaving the third week of June or so... which leaves me at a bit of loose ends till then.

The old jayco is going to them to use for housing while they build... Only they've not got a truck to drag it to the Ozarks__so that's my task... but not until June I guess... Though I'd thought it would be moving Now... they need to use it the last week or so here... so that waits as well...

... buuuuut... I'm unwilling to get "Stuck"...

Sooooo... I'm occupying my close up time rigging out this new Lakota. First task was/is outfitting it with fresh dishes and such. Putting up hooks for such as I need to hang, figuring out what goes where and how to divide up cabinets for the best use...

... then... there's power...

It's not yet been decided what is going to happen with the solar power system on the old Jayco... and honestly, I've not conjured a good location for a bigger battery bank and inverter location on this Lakota LQ... so in the short term I'm going with a Generator.

Now I could (if the budget allowed which it doesn't) just trot on down and pick up a new Honda or even pricier Onan/Kohler rig... that'd only be $3500 or so for the sort of powerhouse I want. Dollars I don't have...

Yeah... I've got what dollars I do have stretched so tight they is damn near transparent! ;) 

Buuuut... there are other real acceptable options.

In pursuit of those options I'm running to Sheridan down in the Denver area to look at a Motorhome takeout this morning. It's a 4K Onan "Emerald" and would be just about the perfect gen set for this rig.

Those Onans and Kohlers that are installed in Motorhomes and such are the 1800 rpm models that run a hell of a lot quieter than the 3600 rpm "lawn mower" noise boxes. Like the Champion bolted on the tail of the Jayco I've offended a few gentle souls with!

They're quieter__and__they're "American" (who knows where the castings are made) Cast Iron that lasts dang near forever if you give 'em some reasonable care.

One thing I'm going to do "different" than those that mount such an outfit in/on their LQ's is that I'm going to mount mine on the truck.

My thinking is; #1. wherever the LQ is, the truck will be close by. #2. The truck has open space on the bed while I want to conserve space in the LQ. #3. Having the gen set mounted on the truck would be even quieter in the rig. #4. In the building of my winter camp I'm going to have a need for power at the far reaches of my little patch of dirt... to run welder, tools et al... so having it mounted real mobile on the truck would be a great advantage

So... assuming this generator I'm looking at today checks out acceptable__the appearance I've seen in a photo is good and the price is attractive ;) __ the next task will be to buy/build a generator "Box" to house it on the bed along with locating a fuel tank to equip it with and then get it all put together and operational.

I've also got a HEAVY need to get back into the current writing project... Novel #6... so I'm planning... toward the middle of the week to hitch up and go hide in the mountains somewhere and write for a few weeks until my trailer hauling services are required to roll on another circle to Missouri.

There's something that needs doing every day... so I'm keeping the dust flying and tryin' as hard as I can to not make too many off target choices__but then__it's from those; "What the hell were you thinking?" choices that the best stories come! bwahahahahaha.

Duckn' an' Runnin'

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Box Canyon said...

Brian… I've got a take out Onan 3500? I'll give you. An oldie but it's been rebuilt.