Saturday, April 25, 2015

8100 feet in the Springtime Rockies...

One day you're shirtsleeve in a soft sunset grilling supper... watching the sunlight playing on the timber...

...and the next you're running the generator before sunrise to keep the batteries up while Mr. Coffee struggles to keep your insides warmed up and motivated.

Camped here above Mancos at something over 8000 feet... I'm just above the snow line I think for a lot of the surrounding area... leave it to the guy who runs south in terror every fall... to get back into this junk pretty much Every spring... I think they call that sort of activity insanity... don't they?

I used to know patience. I could compete with the patience of a clam... now? Not so much. Patience is a con. The only thing that happens when you exercise patience is you do whatever you were going to do... Later.

Trouble with that of course is... you're older, poorer, more tired, the opportunity has faded...and there's all that precious time wasted... sitting and waiting!

The reasons NOT to wait are nigh on to unending... the reasons supporting waiting... are... hmmm... let's see... hmmm... I can't really think of one!

Hell... if you're waiting to cross the street and a bus is coming? Out run that smokin' bastard!

You're born. You live for a while, and you die. Of what use is caution and worryin' about tomorrow? You could get whacked by some dirtbag just driving down the interstate. Happened to a gal just the other day north of Denver. That happens and of what use was all that cautious waiting?

Nope. Grab that bull by the horns, chew on his ear and kick him in the ass with your foot to get him moving. Waiting is for clocks and rocks. People are supposed to go out and DO things... even if they're wrong! Just friggin' DO IT.

The best stories come from the gyrations created by overcoming whatever it is you're confronted by. Life is about quality and that excitement you feel when the adrenaline of scaring yourself half to death gets your blood racing! Get out there and get to confronting and scaring yourself!

Going to be a busy summer I think... I've got books working... as usual the diversions and distractions keep tripping my progress there ;) and, my daughter's family is moving back to Missouri... I've volunteered to get in the way as they try to get their house on the market in Denver.

So, not sure which but likely Tuesday or Wednesday I'll bump up toward Denver to start my obstructing.

Then... they're actually foolish enough to want me to participate in the construction of a house back there in Missouri... not so sure how that'll all shake out... or how well this westerner can tolerate being that far east for any significant piece of time... but time will tell.

I've got some other irons of my own heating up in the fire... Irons I believe are pretty interesting... but that's gonna have to wait until some more i's are dotted and t's crossed to expose to the slings and arrows of the electrono-sphere. ha ha ha ha... Did I actually say__Wait? Ha ha ha...

Spinning Circles and Doing... right or wrong
I'm still__

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