Wednesday, December 24, 2014

That Time of Year Again... Isn't It?

Well... I got permission to leave the rig sitting in my campsite and hauled butt for Colorado. Truth be known I was thinking hard of just goin' solo on the desert... I'm sorta kinda a scrooge... buuuut... a family medical thing came up that pretty much required my attendance.

Less than life threatening and more than trivial... so I ran the old 210,000 mile Dodge one more run to the Front Range.

I'm getting softer in my maturity though. Decided to make the trip in two days and pamper my cowboy butt with a Motel in Santa Fe.

'Tween that, the $2.69 diesel in San Felipe and a fine ale in that motel room it was an easy trip.

Already past the medical deal I believe and now just to get past scrooge's day and it'll be back to the desert for this grumpy Ol' Cowboy.

... and finishing up the editing (which is 'bout 1/2 done now) , table of contents building, cover building... yadda yadda yadda and get that Number Five Novel Published! HooYa!

Then straight into novel number six along with the Other work I am feeling a hunger to get hard after... which is regaining my leather work.

Much to do in the coming year... I'm sorta kinda anxious to get this bronc saddled and open the gate!

It always seems like life is often like climbing a mountain. Just as you get to the peak... the slope gets the steepest! ha ha... dig in and Cowboy Up! is purty much the only option... so Let 'er Buck!

Have a good Christmas all... and we'll see you down the trail in the coming New Year


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Unknown said...

Have a Merry Christmas. Savor the moment, scrooge.