Sunday, October 26, 2014

Finis, Kaput, Done. The Lights are Turned off and the Doors are Locked... The Harvest is Over

Shortest Night Yet in the Quality Lab. Just 28 samples to finish out the 2014 Sidney Sugar Beet Season.

I'm ready to move south.

Tomorrow will find this old rig poaching a parking spot at Wally World Resort in Sheridan Wyoming... and then a bit longer haul, about the longest we ever do in a day, a mite over 400 miles to Northglenn... though... truth be told, we'll likely pull up in Fort Collins. :) so... 'bout 75 miles shorter.

None to soon neither... the weather fella is threatenin' rain tomorrow. Since it rained hard this morning his credibility is fairly good... annnnnnd... the bugger is threatening to let it break off into snow...

So this Ol' buster is Out O' here!

Not doing the NASCAR Thing this season... lots of reasons, one being... I've got other work to do! :)

So... a few days in Colorado takin' care of business... rig registration... etc... and then, continue to march south



Unknown said...

So, where in the world are you? We're in Denver at Cherry Creek State Park.

Brian said...

Heidi I expect is at the store today. She works it Thurs-Sunday... I am moving slowly toward arizona... down by mesa verde now...