Monday, July 7, 2014

Tarnashun! A Supplemental Sit Rep 7/7/2014 0916 hours;

Late yestiddy afternoon I seen a swell in the number of them gol durn buzzing varmints. They harassed me clean offn the roof as I TRIED to begin my scrubbin'.

I responded by expending all remaining available Peppermint oil munitions in a heavy barrage on all observed positions of the no good, buzzin', flea bitten, carpet baggin', double-crossin', butt stinging, bug faced varmints!

Today so fer... From juss after daylight I been a watchin' for the pain in the caboose obstructifliers in my current area of operation... so far only one lonely flat footed scout has got seen. Holding onto hope! ;)

In a short while with a bucket, a brush and a jug of fixin's... I'll commence to swampin' out the roof in preparation for recaulking and then eventually... recoating...

Unless of course those rackin' frakin' bush-whackin buzzers come zippin' round and chase me offn my own roof... Again! 



Judy said...

Good Luck!

Here's an old southern trick I picked up from a friend, paint the underside of your eaves sky blue and the wasps will not build nests. Now how you would pull something like that off on your roof is the question!

Brian said...

Judy; I suppose a guy could paint the roof... one more thing to maintain ;)