Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh No!!! Have You Heard of...

... the Wars? 

There's world wars, gas wars and gender wars. Guerilla wars, conventional wars and nuclear wars.

Most of 'em just like THIS one are unwanted and thrust upon us. 

THIS war is the Wasp invasion in combat with the cowboy militia! 

Right now the wasps won the first battle with the near destruction of my roof. They've now counter attacked and began reinfesting the refrigerator cap. While trying to puzzle out what to do about that invasion by the noxious bastards... I discovered two more lines of attack. 

They have made beach heads under the solar panels as well as under the cap of the sewer vent...
... which might explain the advent of noxious fumes inside!

They might think they're victorious, disarmed as they thought I was. But it's way too early for the buzzing varmints to get  cocky!

I may have found a secret weapon. Early tests showed promise so I immediately ordered the full deployment of the weapon system. 

Peppermint Oil! I've been told that it not only kills the larvae in the nest, but it vigorously repels the adults as they detest its aroma. I mixed it extra strong and assaulted their positions with a lightning raid in the full daylight!

So far the lines are holding. Though a scout or two has been spotted they departed quickly and the main force has not mounted another counter attack.

I am hopeful this war may be over... cuz I got a lot of work to do on that roof!!!

Armed and Ready... Peppermint oil spray bottle is loaded ;)

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