Sunday, April 27, 2014

Carving Leather on the Dinette... While the Wind Blows.

No work on the bike today. The wind is howling through the windbreak... making it too cold and blowy for my tastes... over in that garage.

Since it's gonna take some little while to figure out how to acquire a new work space... I'm tinkering with a few journals in the mean time... with the idea of working my leather carving skills back into shape.

Tooling leather is a perishable skill. Like riding a bike, if you step away for a while you can't instantaneously get back on and ride like you used to. The good news is, it comes back faster than when you had to learn it the first time.

Only took two evolutions to get a working pattern and the same number of efforts to get the tooled plate for the closure side of the cover done.

Still not back to what I used to could do... but it's coming. Have to stitch that plate in place and get the signature block stitched together. Then decide a couple of other small things to get her finished up...

This is the journal I'm planning on donating to the Drake fire department for its auction. Maybe so it'll gain 'em a bit of help.

Lord knows I can use the karma.

At the least... trying to do what I used to do in a 24 x 40, fully equipped shop... on a 2 x 4 table, provides a bit of motivation to find a solution to the workspace issue.



lostAnnfound said...

I hope you put up more pictures of the leather work, as it's very interesting to see how it is done. I'd especially like to see how the "stitching horse" you built is utilized when working with leather.

Brian said...

I will. Built another small piece of Journal Making equipment today... maybe even get to some stitching in the next day or two... if I don't get ambushed :)