Monday, March 31, 2014

There's a Wide Open Land... and the Wind Blows Through It

Plenty of work stacked up. Like usual, it accumulates quicker than my ambitions manage to draw lines through the list.

The pipes are done at the powder coater so I'll pick them up today or tomorrow... I've got the wood over in the garage to start putting a newly designed Stitching Horse together. This'un will be my third evolution. The first two are 'bout halfway down that page.

If the idea I've concocted works out... it will be by far the shiniest Saddlers stitching horse of the set. I need the new one, 'cause the others went off to other folks.

I was planning on working on prepping the bikes saddlebags and some of the wood butchering today... buuuuuut... that Wyoming wind is traveling through... and there's a bit of an issue...

The door of the garage opens right straight into that breeze. Without the door open it's a mite dark in there, even with the lights on... and with the door open today, I'd likely be pinned against the back wall!

So... we'll see if and how much I'm able to get after today.

Talking to the folks who own this farm yesterday... When her latest deployment ends this fall plans are forming to do some remodeling on the old house... It was her grandparents place... and maybe their folks before that, not sure. It was built better than a hundred years ago.

The upshot is... they want to move sprinklers away from where they're located close to the walls to prepare for a wrap around porch to go on... so... guess who got asked if he had any ditch digging talents? ;)

So, add digging the lines to move the heads of the lawn irrigation system to the shining up the bike to sell, setting up a new shop and fixing the many small faults on the rig... and oh yeah... the sagging floor of the old house needs a support post under the bathroom to level the sagging old thing up...

Cutting and Sanding and Bolting and... Digging


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are getting ready to get busy...

The Littles said...

When needed, doors always open somewhere. Happy for you that one did.