Friday, April 4, 2014

Whittling, Waiting and Fancy Feathers

Making some progress on the stitching horse... Ended up having to bring a couple parts over to the trailer to laminate up. When it's too chilly out in the garage for the glue, you got to find other options.

Constructing a saddler's stitching horse

I've got the base most all together. I changed the design, as is my usual way, on the fly. I'd planned on just cutting shims to set the leg angle and then on a whim, chose to bevel cut into the side bars... I think it'll make a better tool.

I've got to finish laminating up, and then shaping the jaws, put on the lower leg braces. Then it's mount the jaws into the frame, cut the seat deck and the most tricky part of all; cut in and assemble the operating mechanism I've got imagined (that I've NEVER seen built into a stitching horse).

That goes through the leg on the left (as you face it) and will work that off side (right side as you're sitting on it) jaw. The longer one. I should get that done in the next few days... barring any diversions... which are ALSO my usual way.

I'll also need at some point... to come up with the seat cushion for my bony kiester... an eight or ten inch wide chunk of wood gets a guy a mite wiggly after perching on it for a couple hours of stitching and braiding...

This piece is a requisite in any complete leather shop. Gets used not only for stitching, but braiding and lacing are much simplified if you're not trying to hold the piece you're working on with your teeth and a third hand... that don't exist! Much easier to fabricate that third hand.

I still need that high dollar leather stitching machine, not to mention the fabrication of a clicker... but my hopes remain high that some long lost Irish Count relative I never knew about will die and leave me a modest fortune in the next six weeks or so...

The bike work has been suspended while I wait a slight bit for warmer weather... It's parts aren't so easily brought to the rig to work on. ;) So she just sits there in the back of the garage and waits her turn.

Today I'll crawl into Evin's basement... and check out that sagging floor... and hopefully go locate the support post and other necessities to get her bathroom floor doing a bit less of an imitation of the deck of the titanic...

Then... if the weather holds... might could even start digging a ditch or two... beats splitting the wind in the Arizona desert... don't it? ...

Um... not so much... ;)

The farm has seen some changes. They've torn out a lot of the old concrete irrigation ditches and put in a fancy new Pivot system and dug a big retention pond for it's supply water.

Preparations are in high gear for the spring planting... which makes finding supper a little bit of a problem for some of the locals...

Just a couple days ago he and his gals had a field of corn stubble to sift through for groceries... plowed and disced... now... there's not much left for a meal.

One Day at a Time

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