Sunday, January 12, 2014

Attitude is EVERYTHING

Maybe you've caught the tone around here lately (kinda hard to miss)... pretty droopy... and I'm right there with you... that crap sucks. Big Time... but if ya'll been comin' 'round here expecting to find the Cowboy Biker version of some always smilin' Momma Theresa... you've engaged in an exercise of some pretty serious mis-perception.

I'm a lot closer to one of those bouncin' off the ceiling... crashing into the cellar, mercuric sorts than some even keeled, do gooding, philanthopist kinds.

Life is Life... Shit happens. You're sailing along and one day thinking all is good and then you look up and before you know it... you're mired axle deep in thick gooey mud, and it was YOU who chose that last turn... UGH.

Thing is... after a bit you Have Got to ~ I ~ have GOT to, push that all aside and climb out. One foot at a time.

It's not that you GOT stuck... The deal is whether you STAY stuck or not.

And it's not whether you make mistakes, bad choices or whatever either. Few make a life that's a long unending string of good moves. Like a boxer, it's often one of those cases where once you get knocked off's a tough go to get your feet set again.

But... there just ain't a good option. You Have to TRY.

The way I see it... you have to break away from what's hittin' on ya so you can take the time to catch your breath. You sort through all the possibilities and then one more time, you make your next "best" choice.

I can lay out here on the desert feeling sorry for myself and stewing about missed opportunities... or... I can take what's left and put the next chapter together in whatever fashion things fall together.

You take what you got and you do the very best with it that you can.

Maybe this will sound like just feel good baloney, but it is my belief a truth.

Success is not so much measured in ease and dollars. To me, a greater success is the one who, without collecting riches or accolades... they keep on running toward the sun. They refuse to quit. They keep standing up after each fall... until the last breath slides out of their lungs. No matter what happens. No matter how many hits they take... Their eyes are on the sun... not the dark. THOSE are the ones I admire.

Morning coffee around here is often a quiet candle light time before sunrise... some good music on the stereo... and just thinking about what the day should be.

It's been said that what you think about is what you do. That what you create is a reflection of what your mind spends the greatest time on.

That doesn't mean that you created the situation you might be in. It mostly refers to your ATTITUDE about that situation.

Pay attention to what you're dwelling on...

"The Problem is not the Problem. The Problem is Your Attitude about the problem." -unknown

Working on My Attitude


Anonymous said...

Keep standing up Brian; and I know you will. Here's wishing that all works out for you in the end. Take care.

lostAnnfound said...

"Few make a life that's a long unending string of good moves." - This really hit home for me.

I hope things start going a little more easy for you. At least you have those beautiful sunsets! Thanks for sharing.

klbexplores said...

Just felt like we just had one of your jaw breaking philosophizing fireside chats. Yep me too. Sometimes it is the quiet before the day when I just sit with the quiet when the choices become clear. That is.....when I wait for the clarity rather than force an impatient decision. Change is in the air.