Monday, November 25, 2013

Under the Mogollon Rim

What a difference a day can make...

Mid day yesterday the promise of the weatherman that the sky's would clear some failed to materialize... It rained into the night, but  when I finally turned in I spotted out the window what I hadn't seen in too many nights... Stars!

This morning... the Local Star has made a comeback for sure.

*Finally... sunshine over Ash Creek on the Prescott National Forest*

It's going to take some time for that thing to firm up the ground in this camp. The rig has settled about an inch or so out of level east to west... and a bit more the other way

But after near three days cooped up in less than 300 square feet, it'll be good to get outside... well... just as soon as the frost goes off the grass ;)

Maybe even time to put the bike on the ground... if it firms up fast enough.

I think maybe I need some outside time to get the cobwebs from being fiver bound blown out so I can dive into the weaving of the current story... Now that the last three days allowed me to stumble onto the inspiration that led me to totally rework and improve the outline...

This area sure isn't lacking for inspirational vistas... or history...

This right around here, well east just a mite... is the Scene of the Pleasant Valley war... The Classic Sheepherders Vs. The Cattlemen...

Hurts cattlemen's feelings when the truth gets out... You run Cattle for to support your status... you run sheep... to put money in the bank! ;) The only trouble with herding sheep is... Biker Sheepboy... Just doesn't have the same romantic Ring to it that Biker Cowboy does. ;)

From just west of the Tonto Basin

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