Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rain... 36 hours and Counting...

Yeah the Sunny Arizona Desert... You just have to dehydrate it first.

Started raining the night before last... a small blue patch floated by a short while ago.... but then PFFFFT it was gone... and the rattle of rain above me has resumed... Looking off to the south and west shows nothing but more liquid sunshine.

Near as I can tell, somewhere around 4 inches has fell on the roof of the rig since it started... Slow and steady too. No flash floods here. Just soaking in. Too bad for me, I've become largely a fair weather rider... I gotta say, even a foul weather scooter pilot wouldn't have much fun in this slop.

Stepped off the stair last night to walk to the end of the rig and shut down the generator... (had to run it since Liquid sunshine doesn't work on these solar panels I bought) nearly lost a boot! This stuff might have been solid and hard when we pulled in... it ain't no more!

Gonna take a day for it to harden up once the storm passes... assuming there's nobody around building a special sort of boat!

The benefit of it all is that I'm slogging through the early process of getting the next couple of books goin' strong.

Which was a one step forward and two steps back sort of deal. Turns out the storyline I'd conjured up a few weeks back for Ol' Ben Jensen just couldn't catch fire. So... I was sitting here staring out the rain speckled window imagining how to light it up in a rain storm... and CLICK! that spinning kaleidoscope struck some gold. :)

So... scrap the old... line out the new... and off she goes!

With nearly another day of the sky falling... there's no shortage of time to rattle the words around and get some momentum built up under it.

I gotta get after it too... Jeb is itchin' and impatient to get more of his story told!

Ridin' (NOT!) Writin' and Waitin' on the Weather


klbexplores said...

A Story is to be told when its time is right... let it perk for a while and it will rise back to the surface when the time is right! Glad to hear a new story line is flowing...I guess there is always a good side to down time for weather. Happy writing!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's a good thing when the weather forces us to stay inside. Although those clouds may just need to be photographed :-)

Shadowmoss said...

Yep, rainy here, too. A 5'er pulled out of a space here at the park where they had been for a few weeks and left a trail of mud. I think there is maybe a half dozen days a year that would happen.