Sunday, November 10, 2013

He Screams His Battle Cry

 Many won't like this... but there is another "inconvenient truth"...

For the Flag? For some imagined tradition?

There are stories told about Veterans and Warriors. These stories are largely untrue.

It is said; They fight for mom and apple pie, to preserve "Our Way of Life". He fights for the Flag, for national honor. It is said that a true warrior fights in defense of the meek and the helpless. That he dies for the oppressed.

Country, Duty, Honor...
The true warrior they say, fights for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Though such claims paint a pretty picture, these things carry little of a warrior's motivation. They are spoken to make those who send their sons and daughters to fight... feel better. They are mostly fable. They are the political deceptions used by those who largely never stood in harms way, to manipulate the honor of a youthful and naive warrior into the service of some political agenda.

What has been said of the Warrior, is an un-truth, spoken by those who are not warriors. However, there ~ IS ~ a fundamental, and for me a more beautiful and inspiring truth.

The true Warrior is one who, gazing about at those cowering around him in fear, pleading for mercy, knows without words... that to be so is repugnant to him.

He rises and with sword held high he strides out in front of the Beast.
With eyes flashing and an indescribable rage burning within... In Defiance of the terror, knowing it means his end... He Screams His Battle Cry.


Know this. He truly fights, not for those cowering behind him. Those lucky souls merely receive the benefits of his Courage.

The True Warrior fights for himself. 
He fights to refuse the Beast an uncontested victory. 
He fights because existing in meek and peaceful slavery is abhorrent to his very soul.

The Warrior fights for his Own Dignity.


Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

As a battle tested former infantryman with the 82 Airborne and 101st Airmobile in Nam I declare your statement exactly correct.

Janna and Mike said...

When Michael and I listen to Nat's war stories--your statements couldn't be more true!

Unknown said...

Powerful words Brian.