Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day One of Our November 2013 NASCAR Driving gig is in the books

Ha ha... I love saying that. It's kinda pilin' Bull Hooey without it being a lie...

We're paid by a Nascar outfit... to drive... so... that makes us PRO-Fesh-un-uhl NASCAR drivers... Don't it? :)

One of our drivers is somehere 'tween Amarillo and here. They had to spend a couple days in a shop over east... getting a fresh motor hung in their motorhome when they blew it out on their run trying to get here...

... bad for them... good for us... we get their hours tomorrow!

So... a long day for us. Gonna fire up the tram 'bout 7 in the a.m... and run that sucker until nigh on to 2100 in the p.m.

The camp is fuller than we've seen it the three years we've been coming here to work... at least at this point in the week and the rigs are still rolling in here in the dark as I write... trying to find a spot to camp.

Tomorrow's schedule is a lot of practice and the Camping World Truck Series Race starting at 6 p.m. That's 1800 for you military sorts... gonna be a busy day

So... if I'm gonna be in decent shape to jump some gullies all day tomorrow... I'd better hit the rack.

Pushin' Steel and Haulin' Butts at Nascar


butterbean said...

Howdy Brian,
I don't think those folks willmake enuff $$$$ in a week to pay for a 'new engine'.. Sure glad y'all are having funn haulin' butts & pushin' iron... When are they gonna notice your driving skills and put you in a 'real' NASCAR vehicle, like a wrecker ??
You know you can DRIVE A NASCAR, if you've got the $$$; Joyce's brother, his son & s-i-l all got to do it at FT WORTH, TX.. Scot, even spun-out and the PROFESSIONAL
DRIVER freaked-out and ALMOST ROLLED THEM!!! Scot said he 'had it under control'...
Hope y'all have gooood weather for the races & have a HAPPY DAY !!!

Unknown said...

When are they gonna notice your driving skills and put you in a 'real' NASCAR vehicle, like a wrecker ??

Brian driving a NASCAR wrecker? I'm pretty sure what Brian could/would do with a wrecker at such a venue would make national news!

Brian said...

Ha... Makes No Damn Sense...

You call an egg beater and egg beater why?

An a hammer a hammer because?

So don't blame me for what happens when I operate... A WRECKER!!!