Thursday, November 21, 2013

Falling Into the Trap Always Circles Me Back to the Beginning

The Arizona I remember still exists... some of it.

It just can not exist back in the human anthill that is a city.

They struggle so mightily there... yet... a couple hundred years from now... the only enduring consequence of their industry and reproductive capacity will be depleted aquifers and all their labors, buried as all other civilizations... under a thick layer of dust.

What greater impact will anyone have over this guy? A hundred years from now, what greater difference will any of us have had? Than this, single, hopper? Other than the tribulations we inflict on each other now, here, today... what is the enduring consequence? Any?

In the whole true scheme of things, there are tracks of men on a flying rock a quarter of a million miles away... and remote control toys wandering around on another rock, millions of miles away, drilling holes to see what kind of dust lies just under the surface... such great effort to leave tracks and drill holes... to what affect on poverty or hate?

Obedience to the party, the nation, some propagandized human deity? Great efforts are made at solidifying all thought into one, single, unquestioning, monolithic mass... What has it gotten man?

There is a purpose for life I am sure... but there are few things I know... Contrary to their widely publicized claims... neither does anyone else.

Everything needed for joy and fulfillment in life is here. Space to breathe. Quiet to rest. Land to produce your food. Tools to build anything you want. Water to cool your throat. Music to soothe the spirit. Sun to soak in. Wind that sings in the grass and clears your lungs of the choking dust of that Place behind you in the distance...

Here I need pay No Man for the Right to sleep on the Earth that I was born to.
Here I need no man's permission to be.
Here, I am just a man. Free on the Earth.

Here is what counts. Now is what matters. What you say and what you do, for, to, and about others and your self... in THIS moment is all that matters. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow, for many, will Never Come... Today, this hour, this moment is ALL we have.



pondputz said...

I made a new post to my blog today, and I was thinking of your blog while posting..

I am a Natural Man hope you like it as I am on the same track


pondputz said...

Ooops forgot the link

Anonymous said...

Great post...sure makes a person think about what is really important.
Sounds like you're in a book writin' frame of mind.

Brian said...

Pondputz; That's an interesting link, and a question I've pondered. A man has the Human BirthRIGHT to Hunt and Fish and Forage for food as a free man on the face of the earth. However, if the 7 1/2 billion souls on the earth, did just that, there would soon be nothing left to hunt and fish (The fact is we are STILL consuming the earth out from under ourselves but it is camouflaged by modern agriculture and media spin) so... is the crime fishing without a license from the king? ... or procreating ourselves into an un-sustainable population?

rh47; Well... I'm darn sure in some sort of "Frame" ;)

Unknown said...

Hey, love today's topic. So...would ya miss stuff? Like internet connections, fuel, new tires? Food? If you wished away the cities and people who work there, that is...but I probably missed yer point again, huh? But visiting is still needed so guess they will have to stay and live like that...I do understand the wish though. :)

Pam said...

"Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!" You're post today reminded me of Ozymandias. I liked it.