Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

Been too long since the last rant...  and this'un is a lil' disjointed... 12 hour days in a cacophony of noise has my kaleidoscope buzzing!

Hmmmmmmm... It's curious.

The vaunted Federal Gov't came grinding to a halt amid the calls of looming disaster and agony from the highest office in the land... Oh... that's right, he's not especially known for pragmatic statements of reality... Mostly just hysteria and fear mongering.

I got up the next morning expecting to hear sirens and see the smoke of the conflagration of the world around me... all from the absence of that institution...

Buuuut... Hmmmmm... the cars in Montana are still rolling, along with the Beet trucks. The stores still opened their doors at the appointed time, and the time clock still clocked. People continue to go on about their daily chores, and ~ SHOCK!!! ~ They're doing it without Federal assistance!!! A-Freaking-Mazing!!!

Could it Be? Could the Truth and Reality BE... that the Feds need us... but we DON'T NEED THEM???

Personally, though it'd cost me my Army disability pension... I'd kinda like to give it a years trial. No U.S. Federal Government for the next year... see how well it works. The 20% or so increase in take home pay (from lack of Federal Extortion) would be kinda nice. ;) More than make up for the loss of my disability... I'm game...

... of course, somebody needs to go back to D.C. and cut off the paychecks to the Congress and Senate... since those despicable verminous, Demothugs and Republiduds... passed a law to make sure that THEY continue to get THEIR paychecks...buuut then, with no Feds, there's no IRS... so no income to pay the useless suckers! :)

... same kind of deal when they exempted THEMSELVES from the Obamination of Obamacare... You know, the THING that was supposed to save ever'body a whole pile of hard earned cash... and has resulted in the reduction of services AND a two digit increase in Insurance premiums every year since passage? The thing that was So BAD, we couldn't expect THE CONGRESS to endure it!

I'd bet the rest of the world would sure be happy to see the Feds back on a leash... Just think of all the Wars that WON'T get started... The numbers of Drones that WON"T come Screaming out of a clear blue sky at people we Suspect of wrongdoing...

Yup... the world would be a lot more peaceful place... with the Military/Industrial complex Eisenhower warned about fifty years or so ago... Back On A Chain.

No new war in Syria... no new war in Iran. All of which I don't understand... didn't mr. Obama... decry all the wars before him? and say there'd be a change? ... Oh... guess he just meant; "I'll change the wars to a new location..."

Yup... shut the sucker down... and LEAVE it shut down.

It's Time To Sink or Swim Girls


Unknown said...

Well said.

Unknown said...

Hi Brian! Good rant! I've thought all along that the 'scare' tactics were just that....its worked for a lot of people, too. I never felt it but many I know and read about are quaking....and a lot of what I've read by people are really violent and hate filled spewings...I hope never to meet those!! Anyway, hope you makes lotsa beet cash so's ya can git on the way again. :)

Judy said...

The only problem with shutting down DC for any length of time, has to do with National Defense. Our Government has pissed off most of the rest of the world and most of the rest of the world would really like to kill us off.

Unknown said...

Howdy Mr. Gore, NDR;
Obviously, the Beet Harvesters aren't working you hard enough since you still have the time and energy to rant.

The weatherman is forecasting 11 inches of snow for here on Thursday night and Friday, but your forecast shows just a bit of rain.

Have fun and don't work too hard, (like that would ever happen).


Donna K said...

Loved the rant!! And if all those furloughed employees are "non-essential", why do we have them in the first place? And where was "King Barry" yesterday? Rather than trying to sit down and resolve the issue, he went golfing.

butterbean said...

Howdy Brian,
I do agree with 100% of what you said and also with Donna K.. THE MOST NON-ESSENTIALS ARE THE EMPEROR, SENATE & CONGRESS; cut their pay & perks, we could all RETIRE AND BE BEET-PICKERS!!!!!!!!!
Don't get the tickets & baskets mixed-up!!!!

Unknown said...

5 days without a post? The beet harvest must have you beat.