Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Harvest is Flying Along

Nobody seems to have a solid idea of where we stand. Each has a different story. The weather has been mostly good until yesterday, then it was too good. Got shut down at 2 PM because it was TOO warm. 75 degrees or so. That makes it too warm to stack the beets and they'll rot in the pile...

So too bad they can't pick, to warm we can't stack...

Buuuut depending on who you listen to... we're somewhere between 30 and 50% so looking at heading south sometime around the 20th maybe... nobody knows...

Some days the weather shines...

 and some days not so much...

I've been ferrying 25' X 36" or so diameter pipe with a grapple equipped Bobcat from a stack several hundred yards away... dodging beet trucks... who don't apparently see ANYTHING in front of them... and the rough ground...

Hit a swoop at top speed in a laden bobcat and she'll get to buckin' like a sunshishing Bronc! HooYa! :)

Do that from 10 - 4... then we get a break for 'bout an hour and run over to the Tare Lab to do our night shift from 5:30 to whenever... usually 'bout ten...

Been running the last scale there... it's a deal where you stand and twist and push and poke and lift and swing and try to stay ahead of the flood of beet bins coming down the conveyor... Everything everyone else is working is aimed right at my scale... and I'm the one who can REALLY gum up the works if I disconnect a tub from its ticket! :)

Ever see Lucille Ball in the Candy Factory episode? ... like that... only with bins of beets, some as big as your head! :)

so far... no disconnects... and a few hours here and there of genuinely jumpin' some gullies at a dead run! I was moving so fast I got wind burn on my hands! HooYa!

Not so bad for a fella the army and va deemed a cripple a loooonnnnng time ago!

Screw that cripple crap... I can still stay ahead of the crowd... 18 or 80!

You know why? Attitude.

Those who can be beat... are.

Those who can't keep on running and the ones that would whup 'em fall away in the dust!

Cowboy Up and Ride People!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a real blast at the beet harvest.
We are just now getting caught up from being in a box canyon down in AZ for the past few months. It was great but we are back in the thick of being connected now.
Good to see you are having 'fun'.