Sunday, August 18, 2013

You Can't Get to The Peak... Without Climbing the Mountain.

It gets old don't it?

How Many of You... Get to Feeling Beat Down? You Just Feel Defeated?

Every time you turn around something whacks you? You can't seem to catch your breath without another Something stabbing you? Every damn where you look is another obstacle.

I quit! I can't keep it up! I'm done!... the urge to surrender beats on you. The bad breaks just seem to roll on one after the other... their names are myriad...

You lose your job. Your car breaks... You get sick and they take out your kidney... you lose your leg in a wreck... the business you worked ten years to build disintegrates...

...or maybe... You're 29 years old with a wife and kid and your spine gets dislocated in a couple of places, takes away the army career you'd chosen and leaves you laying on the couch when you get out of the hospital. Just to walk to the kitchen sink for a drink of water and back again leaves you laying on that couch gasping for air.

The plan you had collapses on you and the future you had all drawn out vaporizes in a spasm of tears and nausea. There are a thousand different stories of how the world crushed your dreams.


That is exactly right boys and girls. I got no patience for someone who's got their brain and breath in their lungs and yet, way too long after that bad day, or those bad days... they're still cryin';  "I'm whupped! I Can't." Get the hell out of the way, you're blockin' the road.

I've been whupped so many times I've lost count. So what?! Tomorrow is another damn day. You can start out with one of two ideas in your head; I've got some tasks to get done today... or... I'm a whipped dog so I'll just lay in bed and feel sorry for myself.

Oh, I'll give up a bit of time for somebody to catch their breath and work through that down time... I go there myself. It's only natural. You get beat down. You get tired. You get discouraged... OK take the time you need... back off a bit and regroup.

But then, By GOD! You stand up! You Cowboy UP! and you get your sorry whiny ass down the road!

NO Damned Excuses. 

"You're a heartless, cold blooded man to say such things Brian Gore!"... "Not everyone is as tough as you!" ... yeah I've heard it all... aw Bull shit! I'm no "Tougher" than anyone else. Truly.

There is tough and there is surrender and little or no middle ground.

It's not muscle and bone. It's NOT some genetic gift. The difference is a choice that was taught to me. A difference that resides right between my ears. That choice I speak of resides right between your ears as well. It's there I promise you. To find it, you only have to make the choice; I'm not quitting.

I've seen guys, with the same spine injury as me, layin' in their beds cryin' "I can't." ... I've seen guys the same age, with the same ruptured appendix, at the same time as mine, still layin' in their beds three days later cryin' "I can't"... as I walked out of the hospital.

I've lain on a hospital gurney with a shattered shoulder, cursing and squealing, just laying there... and then watched a lil' boy, seven maybe eight as they reset the totally, nearly compound fracture in his arm. They pulled and twisted and pulled on that kids shattered arm... and all that lil' bruiser said was... "Ow"!

A rodeo cowboy was squealing like a girl... and that lil' kid says; OW. That thing between your ears has a hell of a lot of power people. Learn to use it.

I've endured the same pain. I've been afflicted with the same nausea of sorrows. I've felt the same shame of failure. I've strove for some big thing and fell flat on my face. So... what am I gonna do? sit down and say; "Ok, I'm done. Shoot me in the head and throw dirt in my face?"

Or... am I gonna stand up... knock the worst of the dirt off my jeans and say; "OK. That didn't work out too well. Where's another way around this deal?"

Think I'm a gas blowin' know it all with an over inflated redneck ego?

That might be true... but it still don't change the FACT that where you end up in this world is the product of the choices you make... and all the things you claim are the reasons for your failure are largely just excuses... and the obstacles you CHOSE to not overcome.

Still think I'm blowin' smoke? Watch this video... LOOK at this man... and then... tell ME that you "Can't"...

 Here's the deal people... I've got little these days... I have a worn out roof over my head, an old beater of a truck that pulls it and a fine motorcycle.

Every bit of that is the consequences of my choices. I've made good ones, and I've made bad ones. The thing is, I'll keep on makin' choices, and living life until it's over.

... and when that time comes... It's my full intention to be workin' hard to push the lid off that box when they've got a pair of illegal aliens trying to bury it up!

If you quit... the consequences of that are all on one particular individual... the quitter who looks you in the face when you brush your teeth in the morning.

Don't want a quitter lookin' back at you out of that mirror? Then make the freakin' choice and DON'T!

Workin' Hard to Make it A Hell of a Ride


Barney, The Old Fat Man said...


Anonymous said...

I have always had a hard time with whiners and slackers....great post today!

MastHoliday said...

Extraordinary video!
Great article...

Unknown said...

I love this post!!! Everything about it. Its a rousing, funny, understanding and no nonsense sense of how to make choices as well as a very revealing part of yourself. Don't always agree with ya, but for the most part...I do.

Walden Creek RV said...

Brian quit pussy footin around and tell us how you really feel------- I think that says it all! Keep rollin- Walden Creek rv steve

Ed, Carol and Gopher the dog said...

Another great post.
In all the universe, there are no random acts. We are where we are because of a long series of conscious decisions we made. Some good, some not so but there was nothing random about it.
Who's responsible for where we are?
Go look in the mirror. Don't tell me about the government, or my race, or heritage, or family, or nothing else. It's me, plain & simple.