Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sonja Takes us Hunting for Fruit, Flowers and Bats in Leavenworth, Washington

They said it was gonna rain, and had in the night, but what can I say, when ya gotta ride, ya gotta ride. I put the Raider on the ground and we headed off in search of... Fruit! ;)

From where we're camped above Coles Corner you run fifteen miles or so down along the river dropping east back down to Leavenworth.

That's a pretty little town... but not one you go to if you're searching for quiet serenity. ;) Now, if you're hungry, or thirsty Leavenworth, Washington is the place to go. You can gain weight there as fast as on any cruise boat.

The Cheese place, with I forget how many different varieties of cheeses and 150 different BEERS caught my attention. Hooua!

But... on down below the town a couple miles there's a "Fruit Stand" we were aiming for... Preys Fruit Barn...

Am I just twisted? or is there truly a bit of dark humor in that name for a touristy place? ;)

The main thing 'bout the Leavenworth area that always gets my attention is the flowers. Everywhere you look are hanging baskets, window boxes and beds of bright flowers... Even on an overcast day they just pop...

We loaded up our fresh picked nectarines and apples and backtracked to another spot between Preys and the town... Heidi saw something there that's her life's ambition...

*Cow Train*
With her experience hauling drunk rednecks at NASCAR, she wants her own place where she can drive her own COW Train...

In Leavenworth we found a spot to park the scooter protected by a curb from the milling Toyotas and errant Buicks... and took a short stroll to find a turnover, a cup of Americano... and...


If you look just above the lil' gal wearing the striped shirt... can you see a dark spot on the wall?

The boy says; "I'm gonna touch it! Can I touch it?"

Yeah, well... when a shy critter like a bat, decides to roost in a spot like that it says one thing to this old drifter... "He ain't right"

Best keep your fingers to yourself!

*Leavenworth Bats*
It's a good place to grab a bite... and a sip of something hot, or some cold brew... and then hightail it back to the relative quiet of squealing kids cutting loose in a campground! arrrrgggghhhhh.... :)

That's a skill I've got to learn... to be able to tolerate kids... squealing and playing... and being kids... Shoot me in the head should I ever get to be one of those grumpy old rock chuckin' hermits that grouses about kids kickin' it up in the woods. ;) ... and I'm pretty sure I'll live to regret sayin' that!!! :)

Yup... it's pretty lush over here on the "dry side" of the Cascades... and that's not even countin' all the wineries scattered about. ;) The hillsides are adorned with orchards and vineyards... the pastures are full of horses and cattle... the roads wind through river valleys that are filled with fresh scented wind...

... yeah... it's the small bits that keep you goin.


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Jack said...

I enjoyed Leavenworth, and you're so right about the flowers. They are beautiful. The town has grown since I first saw it in the late 90s.

Back then there was a little town not far away--think it was Waterton or Waterford. I remember it because there was a church steeple sitting on the ground. I have a 35mm picture of it. Sure with those travel days had digital cameras. Would be so easy to write a full blog using my diary to preserve the memories.