Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Biker Cowboys and Psychological Acronyms that Consume the Alphabet...

There's all sorts of jokes about the varieties of A.D.D. that afflict varieties of people... Mostly they're belly laughin' funny... 'cause just about all of us have some degree of the "disorder" and can see ourselves inside the joke.

Only it's Not an abnormality... it is real plain and simple; Real Life Human Nature normality. Yup... having your focus bounced from one interest to another like a soccer ball getting kicked around a school yard is the attribute of a good healthy curiosity.

I'd be willing to endure a lil' bit less psycho health. ;)

In my case I've been adorned with an exaggerated variety of normality that three letters don't come close to building a complete acronym for;

A.A.R.R.D.F.K.S.O.W.I.D. = Age Aggravated Rapid Replicating Double Focusing, Kaleidoscopic Sensory Overload What-If Disorder.

Leaves a guy out of breath just getting from bed to the coffee pot at sunrise.

Yeah, being me is like truckin' around with a rock polisher with overheated, squealing, bearings tumbling glittering lights... rattling and workin' away between your ears 24/7. Talk about sparks and smoke!

The task is to herd enough of the "glittering lights" that capture my attention into a chest, lock it up and stash it in a dark closet... long enough to get the few higher priority "lights" that were left free dealt with.

Then later comes an exciting bit...

Every couple of weeks ya gotta drag out that locked and chained up chest and try to pull out another light to work on... while keeping the others bound up in the dark...

The tough part is; they all see the crack of light when the lid opens and come screaming at you in a flashing thundering stampede into which you shove your hand to grab just one. It's like sticking your paw into a blender!

Maybe I need another few weeks in the desert.

Cross eyed and seeing glittering lights in the dark... :)

1 comment: said...

I feel your pain, brother. I prefer the term "Non-liniar Thinker". I don't do well with the A to B to C kinda thinkin'. Nope I'm more of a A to Blue to Spinning to Four kind of thinking. That's okay though 'cause I know that creative minds are wired for short circuits. Wait! What was the question?