Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Second Death Valley Video Installment With #3 Soon to Come

Finally stumbled by accident onto a spot, with 4G/Four bar signal... half way between town where the signal is weak and slow and camp four miles or so away where the signal is gone... and it actually seems to be working! HooYa!

Makes me feel kinda foolish for sittin' outside the itty bitty laundromat waiting for the second Death Valley Video to load... since it only took 134 minutes! ;) Ahhhh... the lengths I go to to keep my readers happy! Kinda reminds me of Rodeoin'... bustin' bones and banks all for the glory of applause! :)

So... This second installment of our Death Valley Journey is a few shots of another Bike run down into the park and then Titus Canyon, which we explored on the way back from a fuel run back out to Beatty, Nevada.

That makes more sense than it might sound. Diesel inside the park was/is $5.44 at Furnace Creek and $5.98 over to Panamint Springs. Roll back out 35 miles or so to Beatty and it's $3.99.

Now, the part that makes it have a lil' bit of sense is that the start of the one way road down into Titus Canyon turns off just six miles or so out of Beatty... So it didn't take a whole lot of rationalizin' to make that work...

We're boondocked in the Alabama Hills now just a rock chuck out of Lone Pine. Pretty country with camps all around. As soon as I get caught up from Death Valley I'll start shippin' some pics of this country.

The weather above us in the high peaks, 14,000 feet and a bit is looking pretty stormy this evening. Though down in camp it's still 70 or around there so I'll not complain.

So here's the latest of the Death Valley sojourn. The third Video is built... just gotta get it uploaded... I'll try and do that in the morning... Charge up the laptop and the air card... fill the thermos... and come down here and take a nap while the meter goes tic... tic... tic... tic... :)

One fella already asked me if that 96 degrees in the video was real... Uh Huh... I think it supposedly broke 100 in a couple of spots that day... Juuuuust a mite warm for March! ;) but then broke right back down into the seventies the last couple of days there... so... Nice!

One benefit of being in such a poor cell reception area is that it removes any excuses to do other work and not tap away on the book. As a Consequence the #2 Ben Jensen Story is making some significant progress in working his way through the latest difficulty.

With modest luck and a miraculous application of discipline I might could have the first draft completed in another month! Ha! That's only something better than six months or so behind schedule. I'm improving! ;)

Camped Where the Movie Stars Played


Whatsnewell said...

There's a cool museum in Lone Pine that chronicles the movie industry's influence on the area.

Whatsnewell said...

Also, if you're of a mind to eat out, the Merry Go Round restaurant in Lone Pine....some of the best steaks you will ever eat...a little pricey, but a real treat! I like Filet Mignons.....their Filet ranks in the top 5 I have ever had.