Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lost in The Internet Wilderness

We moved from Stovepipe Wells to Furnace Creek for our last few days here on a promise... That turned out to be a false promise.

I thought because I found the only signal that exists in Death Valley that I'd be able to start catching up on the past busy week.

That ain't to be. Though my phone can hook on... My air card for whatever reason won't. So this emailed post is my only way to make contact with the outside world.

We'll be here 'till Monday morning when I'll hitch the rig and pull back into the world of electronic confabulations... Less than six dollar diesel and bottles of water that don't require a co-signer.

If you want it while you're in Death Valley, I'd suggest you bring it with you.

Been going all day it seems since we got here. Views, Dune Hikes, Canyon Drives, mountain photos that look like abstract paintings and more... Much to share when I can get to where I can link up my Ol' 'puter!

Dusty and juuuuuuust a mite warm in the Valley of Death

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Anonymous said...

Visiting my daughter in Denver and sitting amongst 10 inches of snow. Oh, how I long for the warmth of Death Valley....enjoy those warm temps and stunning sunsets!