Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bullied By Blowing Wind and "Bloggers"

It started raining in the night. Precious manna from heaven in this desert country. Though I'm sure folks are a little weary of the storms back east, here in the southwest it's pretty tough to honestly complain about rainfall.

*Go West! The sun still shines!*

Even when you're wedged in belly to butt and now... frozen toasties!

*Stormin' over the Santa Rita's*

I don't even complain... much... when the raindrops get converted by way of Global Warming into that freeze dried sunshine blowing over from California...

Yeah... I don't believe I'm in any danger of having to shovel the nasty stuff any time soon...


it's still cold and wet for a freshly minted snow bird!

I believe I'll just do as we did when we got clobbered by that storm a couple years back...

... and woke up on memorial day with 8" of the stuff on the roof...

... Just sit back and keep the coffee pot humming.

Yup... sit and contemplate the curiosities.

Like, how often I'm successful at gettin' somebody... to ridicule my intellect, perception or built in lack of confidence in self-aggrandized oh-thor-uh-tee.

Science... supposed to be a study of facts and data and such as can be proven... Right?

So... how many times have YOU heard 'em have to back water on something... "New data has shown our previous determinations to have been in ERROR!"

Damnation... hardly a week goes by that they don't publish the FACT that they misdirected, misinterpreted, misunderstood, made long term conclusions on insufficient short term transient data... while being completely unable to weave in the intricate affects of solar wind and beer farts in Malaysia.

... and GASP! even caught some of their shining wise men falsifying reports and data when the Inconvenient Truth :o) contradicted the Approved Determination of their agenda. ... and on and on and on the sheeple herders roll.

I've said it before. I don't know... and neither do they! The human brain just doesn't have sufficient capacity to overpower its personal agendas and truly understand the complexity of the world we live in as a whole. We can learn and understand the small bits... like if you build a dam across a river... the salmon can't get to their spawning grounds any more...

... And when you introduce a non-native, 180 pound Arctic wolf that hunts in packs of a Dozen and more... into Montana, in the interest of restoring "Natural?", rather than the closest cousin to what HAD Been There, the 75 or 80 pound Mexican Grey, that hunts in singles and pairs... You Devastate the ecology of Montana, Idaho and areas spreading West, South and East.

But they simply hate it when the damned Polar Bears refuse to go extinct because of Global Warming and they have to suppress and demonize the information, produced by other scientists, that Polar Bear population seems to be healthy and growing.

But... Here's the REAL rub... Science in 2013 is much like the Pope in 1500... any dispute of his supremacy was heresy... punishable by death. Look around the world today... that same decrepit Philosophy seems to be experiencing a pretty strong resurgence don't it?

Obey Blindly without question... or By God We'll burn you down.

Look at the way Global Warming and it's myriad environmental tentacles is being used to control land ownership and use, jobs and industrial development... modify culture and belief... every aspect and detail of life. The social engineers are in high gear.

Now... Dare to Question the authority of "science"; its methodology or disagree with the conclusions it draws from ambiguous, transient and repeatedly proven falsified-to-fit-its-agenda data... and those that support its decrees will not come back with logical and reasoned defenses of that methodology and interpretations...

... Nah... they will always come at the questioner and the unconvinced with malicious virulent insults. In tirades of colorful hyperbole they will shout down anyone who dares to be unconvinced with accusations of sociopathic stupidity, personality defect and greed.

They always immediately resort to character assassination and insult. You could set your clock by it... Never do they stand to defend their position with reasoned and logical supporting arguments.

Even the scientists that believe in and promote the Holy Grail of global warming are sweating as they struggle to plug the FACT, that their own data is telling them the earth has been COOLING for the past decade, into their prognostications of beach resorts on the arctic.

Yup... Ten years of figures applied to a 400 year total is an irrelevant anomaly while 400 years of figures... plugged into multiple eons is unquestionable fact that would only be doubted by illiterate fools...

The glaciers are melting! The sky is falling!... guess what? Those glaciers have been melting for 10,000 years. Those damned cave man and their cooking fires started a damned holocaust! I'll bet both my kidneys and half my liver that there have been times of accelerated melting and reduced glacier loss... and there will be again. It's always been and will always be... the earth changes.

Do 7 and a 1/2 billion people have an affect on the land they live on? Well doh! Ya think? But the reality is Crocodile Dundee  had it pretty right; "It's like two fleas arguing about who owns the dog they live on."

The point about it all is... We don't know what's happening people! or why. Not one way or the other; and lack the ability or wisdom to do anything about it if we did!

... and Al Gore hawkin' his books and demanding that you live in self imposed austerity... while he and his live in 11,000 square feet of mansion, traveling the world in motorcades and private jets, while burning more of the fuels in a month than we do in years... and then having the brass bound cajones to condemn us for our wastefulness... don't change a dang thing.

Watch out now... here it comes... I dared to question the validity of the assumptions produced by the wisdom of their methodology and religion... oops... I meant science.

... ya'll know 'bout assuming right?

“Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.”

 - Jean-Jacques Rouseau.

If I question, if I fail to blindly accept the "science", that is questioned and doubted by HUNDREDS of their own "doctoral scientists" of physics, biology and oceanic whale lovers; I am bludgeoned and my words are reviled as rubbish and piles of denial-ism... Why, that's reasonable and logical debate ain't it?

I believe I'll stand with Mr. Rouseau. Sling away mud chuckers... and illuminate the debate for all to see. 

I'm even threatened with them punishing me by leaving if I don't obediently bow and grovel before the Oft Proven Wrong, masters of science and plead; yassuh massuh! don' beat me no mo' massuh! I be a good unthinking serf massuh!

Ya'll already know how this Ol' Buster responds to such pompositizin' ... Don't ya?

... and close the door on your way out... I'm havin' difficulty affording the heater fuel to contend with the Global warming.

Yup... I 'member when Generals that were equal to God failed in their attempts to bully a cocky lil' Buck Sergeant... and they could sling my butt in the stockade... bloggers and "scientists"? You make me giggle.

Soakin' up the Liquid Sunshine in the Desert


martin said...

I assume, in the above polemic, because you quoted some words from my quite restrained comment on your post a couple back that you are referring at least partially to me, but if you think that what I wrote is bludgeoning, I'm baffled!

The tone of your latest piece, such as the number of sentences that start with the words "They always", comes across to me as closed minded, and make you seem as bad as the people you are criticizing.

Brilliant stuff, keep it up!

Brian said...

Oh - My - God - in - Heaven, I said it twice? The shame! Bad Cowboy!

Thanks for Not arguing the points I made but rather going straight to disparaging the defects in my mind. But, doing that twice isn't always is it?

I freakin' Love it! Rouseau is giggling in his box.

ronswanderlust said...

Love your posting Brian. My feeling on global warming exactly(or should I say global scamming). Warming is probably happening. That man caused it is certainly presumptuous. I like your analogy of the fleas.

BamaGurl said...

Lol, I absolutely LOVE it when u get them with their pants down so to speak! I just pray that there are many more men like you who don't swallow the BS-men who have a working mind and aren't afraid to share it and back down some of those "scientific beings" who think they are the smartest thing since creation. I don't have the ability to debate like you do because I just get frustrated with ignorance and want to smack them. But you state it all in the manner I wish I could. Keep up the good work Brian-God bless U!!!

Cindy Kingma said...

I care even less than you, Brian, about the scientific argument about global warming. You know the answer to the 'why' don't you? That man has the Need TO FIND ANSWERS to the damnedst things or he wouldn't have something to do BESIDES sticking the knife in the next fella's back. Being insulting for an arguement is the great 'fall back' and they actually think they've made a good point. I get frustrated most by everyone wanting to get their panties in an uproar over what others do, all the while excusing themselves for falling to the same behaviors. I'm personally tired of everyone thinking they have THE flipping answers when indeed there are about 1 trillion opinions on what those answers are or are not right. Reality is: your perception of what lives inside your heart and mind. Some are good guys and some are bad, and Very bad guys...I have chosen to not let the world and its trillions of bad things get to me. One day at a time; one problem at a time; I am a flea on that dog...can't be more than a pain in the butt to that dog. Thanks for listening. :)

Cindy K said...

By the way, you get alot of spammy stuff like the above...maybe oughta try NOT using Anonymous setting in comments. Have heard many other bloggers say it lets those 'hackers' in by allowing it.

martin said...

Nice one, Brian, you sure put me in my place. Its your blog, and we have to play by your rules, Ok, I get it.

Brian said...

Cindy; Don't misunderstand, my shorts on most of these "subjects" aren't really in a very tight knot ;) I just feel like somebody needs to counterbalance the "Stuff"... and who better than a cocky lil' rooster like me with a big tall soap box to stand on?!! :) and anyway, the regular "Venting" keeps my spleen in tip top operating condition!

Thanks for the "reminder" about comment settings. I'm trying to tighten things up without going back to the verification words. A few "spams" have been sneaking through googles system. Unseen are the 300 or so a week that google catches and chucks into the spam file for me to check... it's becoming kind of a pain though... if this "Tightening" doesn't work... I'll soon have to fall back to the "Verification words" hassle...

martin said...

Oh, I can't leave it at that, throw out a snarky comment and leave. I think you deserve better that that.
To answer your comment. Ok, there were only two that started "they always", fair enough. But one would have been enough given how much of a wild generalisations and gross exaggeration it was. And there were also other examples of that in other phrases liberally scattered. In a debate, you would be called on that and lose points by appearing close-minded among other things. But in a blog, that is just entertaining hyperbole, or poetic licence maybe, and I should not have taken it so seriously. My bad, I won't do it again!

If you want to debate, and if you want to hear some reasoned and logical arguments from the other side, rather than just amuse your followers by swiping at the straw-men you put up, you could go to one of their sites and speak your piece. You might be surprised at how they *don't* always come at the questioner and the unconvinced with malicious virulent insults.", nor do they "always immediately resort to character assassination and insult".

And BTW, I am not a scientist, not that it matters, just somebody who happens to disagree with your blanket character assassination of them.

Cindy K said...

Glad to hear your shorts are more loosely tied than one might think. Way better for riding your bike in! Ha!
And I'd bet your spleen is definitely in great shape, as well. :) Do you carry your soap box on the bike on truck??
I try to be tolerant of most people's opinions but there are those that are just 'push down yer throat' types (My middle son comes to mind) and they INSIST that I must comply by looking stuff up (mind you, I do) but when its the kind of dubious (at least to ME) kinds that sound an awful lot like info that just screams BON JOUR, then I just roll my eyes, hiss, and say 'feel free' and move on..but not before being insulted by said people(son). I'm happy to hear you remain true to what YOU believe, and take no bunk from anyone. Me, too.