Friday, January 25, 2013

A New Day ~ A New Camp

This morning broke in another new camp with one of those sailors warning Sunrises I guess. Don't know as I'll worry much out here in this desert.

The scent is in the air that we had yesterday morning as well. It had "rained" a couple of what's called in Arizona "a six inch rain" in the night. That's when you have one decent sized drop... every six inches.

I savor the scent of the desert after such a rain or just about any rain. It releases a perfume unlike anywhere else. The mountains have their pine scented tang... the sea its own personality...

To me, the rain freshened desert is fresh, and clean and sweet. Somehow the freshened fragrances of Arizona sand, rocks, cactus and Paloverde floating on the sun bleached desert breeze combines into an intoxicating brew that slows the pulse.

If I could put it in a bottle I'd have a masterpiece.

* Arizona Morning *

We had another six incher in this camp sitting around a campfire of mesquite and paloverde last night shortly before bed.

Looking up at a partly overcast sky in the widely scattered drops with the moon peaking out of the clouds and Jupiter shining brightly... a Coyote yipped a few hundred yards out in the dark.

Whether I was a 21st century Cowboy Biker camped on the desert... or an 17th Century Apache sitting by that fire... the desert cared little...

If you cropped out the reflection of the fire on the walls of the rigs... and only took in the moon, the stars... the shapes of the mesquites behind camp flickering in the firelight... and the Coyote singing in the distance... I don't know or care either.

Back into the Quiet


Anonymous said...

Rather not see the adds you have on the left side today,course that's just my opinion, others may say give us more of this "stuff"


lostAnnfound said...

What a beautiful picture! It sure looks warmer than it is here in New England!

Brian said...

Fred; not everyone gets the same. I only select the location. Google targets the ad served to the particular viewer, or tries to. The ads that showed for me were honda and ryder truck. What was there when you clicked in? I can block some ads, that's about all.

bill said...

Great pictures, Brian as always.
Here in Salt Lake City, it is YUK weather.
Oh weel it will soon be spring.

Mike said...

Glad you're feelin' better.


===Fred=== said...

Think it was some kind of dating org. ads to meet displayed women!

didn't investigate it!