Friday, December 14, 2012

Workin' Hard to Stay Warm in Global Warming...

Guess I should have listened to yesterday's sunrise... "Red sky in the morning... Sailors warning?"

Apparently that old line works for Boondockers too...

If you're goin' to the desert this winter... might want to pack some good blankets in the rig, and maybe your favorite sweater. Me thinks it juuuust might turn out to be one of those winters of  "Global Warming" cool downs... Ya Know?

Hard rain on the roof last night... and the wind is rockin' the rig this morning...

Cool and desert wintry 'round here for sure... and she went and slurped up all the Kahlua! Damn... now what am I gonna put in my hot chocolate?

hmmmmm... wonder how Butterscotch Schnapps works in coffee? ;)

*Arizona sun fighting through the storm Clouds*

Guess I won't be doin' much about completing that belly repair that's been waiting since Zion... Stepped outside in the dark last night... and sploooopppppthttttt!... the ground outside the door is juuuuuuust a bit soft. I suppose it can wait to get buttoned up 'till we get back from the Christmas circle... and hopefully drier ground!

Now... if I can just find that camp moc I left behind out there... 

I'm sure not regretting retreating back out of that higher country! Knowing you can tough it out... and really Wanting to Tough It Out... is two completely different ideas! My Wanting is for other things these days than nurturing my macho! That pup is tired and worn... I'll let it rest for a bit. :)

 Here's a few more of the area, from before the storm... it's all grey just now... while they get irrigated... Only happens 'bout twice a year 'round here, so I shouldn't complain. ;)

Had to unwrap the generator last night... Might even have to turn the dang furnace up! ooooofffff... it's a tough life for a tightwad, cheap skate, never-do-it-new-if-you-can-Rube-Goldberg-it, stove up, puss gut biker cowboy!

If I don't get back for a while... You'll know that schnapps in your coffee worked out pretty dang fine!

Sippin' and Writin' the Days away


CJ said...

Just BEAUTIFUL photos! Been hunker under the warm covers and have some more CHEERS for me!

Sharlotte said...

Hey Brian, my friend, better watch those first steps when you and schnapps are on first name basis. Wouldn't want to plant your nose in some of that fine liquid mud out there. LOL
But at least we will know where to find you, digging in the mud in search of your shoe.