Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Art of Living...

I'm gonna go out on a bit of a self aggrandizing limb here; and hope my ego contains enough hot air to hold up all that weight I've pushed way out there on the end of the branch!!!

I know the "Titles" say my blogs and websites are about Boondocking and Motorcycles... but... that's only the superficial bit you can see with your eyes. In a way the RV's, Trucks and... ahem... even my Motorcycle are all just Tools... to get me to what I see as my ART.

I kinda use them as the excuse but for me... it's that ART of Living that's the juicy prize at the top of the Mountain.

You have to use that philosophizin' part of your brain for this post and "read between the lines" a bit.

Life in a big fancy house, sitting on a lumpy thick wallet with a plush and high dollar rig parked in the six car garage... and kickin' back with the Celebs in some big muckity muck resort would be a tedious, painful and boring existence... Without ART.

Even for a broken down, puss gut, bald headed, gap toothed, chicken legged, biker cowboy with a sour attitude... ART... is the STUFF of Life.

The wide open landscapes and far country for which I ache and lust don't stand alone. They and Art are all wrapped up and tangled together inseparable; like a sweaty pair of lovers.

I don't live for this rig... maybe the Bike!... ok, definitely my Bike! ... but not the rig. ;) It's just a tool, a valuable one, but still just a tool. It opens up my access to all the new Horizons that feed Art.

This is where it gets delicate and a murky line appears. Folks get sensitive when you start talking on the subject of Vocations/Avocations; so I'm trying to walk light. I'm not criticizing "craft shows" and the people there, not even a little.

I'm... just saying that there's a difference 'tween "Crafts" and "Art".

To my perception... "Crafts" and Craft shows have a first purpose of making a dollar; "I can make those and sell 'em!" There is not one thing dishonorable or grasping in that. Subsistence has to be produced.

Art though has the primary purpose of Saying Something. (with profit absolutely included but still the secondary consideration)

I'm hopeful that what I said doesn't come across as snobbish or superior... it's just... a difference in motivations... from my perspective. One is done for the need for money... the other is done from the hunger of passion.

The fortunate few are those who manage to combine their Passion and Subsistence in a single pursuit.

When I say Art I'm not talking million dollar paintings hangin' in a museum either...The Art that I see as the greatest value might could be described as Working Man's Art. Things which while speaking to some hidden part of both the artist and purchaser, are still priced to be attainable by normal, regular people.

I'm also talking about creations into which the artist carves a window into their soul... A creation that somehow communicates Something; as opposed to those "crafts" which truly only serve a utilitarian purpose. Don't misunderstand, utility is fine, often necessary.

Of course, if the Artist can manage to combine utility ~AND~ Art, why that is the Brass Ring for me!

Writing, Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Leather Carving, Boot Making, Jewelry Making, Woodworking, Landscaping even tool making!... the list of labors that can carry the Banner of Art is nearly endless.

I have seen woodworking planes of exquisite beauty. Hand carved walking staffs that were amazing... I strive, when I still build any, to put something extra into the Albums and Journals I create... Utility and Art... 

I can even see such as Wingsuit flying and Adventure Traveling taking on the Luster of Art. Talk about The Art of Living!!!

What makes ART have such a shining attraction for drifters such as me is; I already live in a way that, Damn, words can't describe the feeling of getting up each morning and KNOWING... I own this day... it is Mine! Nobody Else's!

If I can do better at shaping the ART I produce to protect and nurture the life I have... It don't get any better. I can't afford to be complacent.

Yup, I'm one of the lucky few who already can say a bit; "I can't believe they pay me to do this!", but there are chinks in my armor. I'm keeping an eye on 'em and wanting to plug the holes if I can. I need to do better. I need to improve. I need to always... Keep stretching for the receding Horizon.

For a lot of people aching to escape from their cubicles... I KNOW they hold much the same dream.

To those people I say; "You have talents. You have passions. You have energy and intelligence... you only lack confidence that what you have is good enough. Start reaching. Reach first for the lower branches. As you polish your skills and your confidence grows, start ranging higher. One day you'll look down and be amazed at how high you've soared!"

*Every Sunrise should light up fresh hope*

 It was watching others like me that gave me the confidence to step out and try. It's what gives me the confidence to keep on keepin' on. To keep working on the foundation under my "castle in the sky.

Walking as Best I can... in The Art of Living


Anonymous said...

Great pics, sure glad you got that camera thing worked out.

Anonymous said...

Some artists paint pictures.Your camera caught what the Creator did in the beginning. How can anyone deny his existance? ===Fred===

Brian said...

Thanks Wayne ;)

You plant a seed and move on Fred. Some times it grows... some times it don't.