Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Sunrises in the Desert

Sunrises always birth fresh hopes. ;) and for me there's never a shortage of schemes, ideas, interests... and ways to Invest the dinero I don't have into new possibilities or improvements to proven old ideas...

*Arizona Sunrise*

Fact is I'm like a danged supermarket... TOO MANY options! ;) It's the trying to sort out and make a choice that is the toughest part... then of course, fitting them into the budget. That's often the curse in America though. Maybe we have too much sometimes! lol... life would be easier if it was a this or that proposition...

... rather than the this or that... or that... or that... or that... or this'un over here! :)

* I don't hold with the "Sailors Warnings" of red sky at morning :) *

A guy can't complain too loudly though... not as long as the options keep presenting. There's far too many walkin' around without such treasure.

I've got a list of writing, photography and video projects waiting on the availability of gold dust to finance the pieces and parts of tools, software, hardware etc. required to build the ideas out... that and the time to get 'em all done...

... not to mention that supermarket task of Making the Choice of which goes first! :) ... in the First Place!

*Sunrises almost look connected to the Sunsets around here!*

Well... I got plenty of words to string together while I impose discipline on my patience ;) waiting for my grub stake to catch up with my ambitions.  Ol' Ben Jensen has done got himself into a fresh "Rodeo" in his second book... I've got to write him out of that diffiuclty! lol! I guess I better get after that job!

Sometimes Roadblocked... Never Whupped!


Shadowmoss said...

That is part of the culture shock when I come back to the States, all the choices I have to constantly make. Here, if the PX has peanut butter it is a choice of smooth or chunky (if that). One brand, one size. 3 places to eat on post. 3 hotels in the Capital to stay (that are on-limits). That is pretty much the limit of my choices. At home, it is a constant parade of which one, what now, where to go. I get exhausted!

Anonymous said...

Those sunrises really look good.

Happy Holidays